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Updated September 8, 2014

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What's better than a sunny day at the office?
(Added September 8, 2014)

The 2009 Weiler Award
October 2009
* The Weiler Award - background and winners *
* 50+ Photos from the 2009 Weiler Award ceremony *


Dan & Pops - November 20/06

Master's Convocation - Concordia
(Handsome devil --- and the kid's no slouch either!)

The CSRL Guy hard at work
(Feb. 2009)

It's getting so a guy can't even put his head down
for a minute without his spouse snapping a photo...
[No, dear - I don't bear any grudge at all. ]

Toque Tuesday Campaign
This is my Toque Tuesday Toque! Every year in early February, Raising the Roof has its Toque Tuesday awareness campaign/fundraiser. Read about the campaign at the above link, then click on the photo on the left to see me modelling this lovely headgear...
Source : Raising the Roof
NOTE: I'm sure Toque Tuesday organizers would love to hear from you and your group or school if you want to get involved in next year's campaign!

Here's the laid-back me on (some) weekends on the mighty
Gatineau River just past Kazabazua, Quebec.

Circa 1995
August 2009... ]
[ July 2012... ]
[ August 2014
(THIS is better than a sunny day at the office!) ]
Source of the 2009 photo:
===> My son Daniel's photoblog <===

Check out this excellent award-winning photography (no bias here at all...)

Gilles' Body-Piercing Experience

- Acupuncture as a smoking cessation aid -
Starting January 4, 2005, I had five acupuncture sessions [ @$40/session ] over a one-week period, and I've been a non-smoker since then.

The House-Painting Adventure Page

[Before-and-after photos of the house]
...and a rare photo of the artist not sitting at his computer...
July 14, 2002

Halloween 2001 silliness

Gilles and Annie celebrating friend Kathie's wedding
in the fall of 2000

Dan (my son) in the middle, framed by his
buddy Yves (Garneau) and Pops (moi) in the Fall of 2001

- See Daniel's photoblog -

The Canadian Social
Research Links Guy
Does Christmas 2004

Son of Canadian Social
Research Links Guy, Xmas 2002

[the apple never falls far from the tree.]


Merry Christmas 2005!
Season's Greetings 2005
- meet Tommy and Daisy

Don't go there if you hate cats - it'll make you gag.

- see Annie's garden photos -

My dopplegangers : Denis O'Sullivan and Mark Engstrom.
I've never met either. Click each photo for a (slightly) larger version.
This is Denis
This is Gilles
(the Canadian Social Research Links Guy)

This is Mark

I found Denis' picture in Canadian Geographic (July/August 1993 issue) while I was in the waiting room at my chiropractor's office.
I stumbled across Mark's photo in a news item about dead whales in Newfoundland.

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