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April 9, 2017

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* Ten things to know about the 2017 Alberta Budget - March 31 (Nick Falvo, Calgary Homeless Foundation)
* April 2 marks 10 years since welfare rates were raised in B.C. (CBC News)
* Ontario ends onerous reviews for disabled people on welfare
- April 5, 2017
* Media & Policy News: 7 April 2017 (Jennefer Laidley, Income Security Advocacy Centre)
What's New in The Daily [Statistics Canada]
--- Labour Force Survey, March 2017 - April 7

--- Provincial and territorial economic accounts: Government revenue, expenditure and budgetary balance, 2015 - April 4
* What's new from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit
* Child Rights Information Network - CRIN

Ten things to know about the 2017 Alberta Budget - March 31
(Nick Falvo, Calgary Homeless Foundation)

Ten things to know about the 2017 Alberta Budget
Posted March 31, 2017
By Nick Falvo, PhD

[Nick Falvo is the Director of Research and Data at Calgary Homeless Foundation.]

On 16 March 2017, the Alberta NDP government tabled its budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Whereas last year’s budget announced major new initiatives (such as the Alberta Child Benefit, a carbon tax and the nearly doubling of annual provincial spending on housing), this year’s budget was more status quo.

Here are 10 things to know:
(Click the link above to access more info on each of the ten things...)
Also available in PDF format (3 pages):

1. Alberta continues to be the lowest-taxed province in Canada (and no major tax changes were announced in this budget).
2. Alberta’s economy is starting to pick up steam.
3. Alberta’s running deficits, but they may start to get smaller.
4. Alberta’s provincial debt (as a % of GDP) remains the lowest of any province by a long shot…but it’s growing.
5. Health spending will increase by 5% this year.
6. The budget contains important announcements pertaining to K-12 education.
7. For the third consecutive year, the Notley government announced a tuition freeze for Alberta’s post-secondary students.
8. Many people on social assistance in Alberta will continue to see the erosion of the value of their benefits
9. The budget contains some good news for the homelessness sector.
10. The budget announced $100 million in new provincial money for improved drinking water in First Nations communities.


--- Go to the 2017 Canadian Government Budgets Links page:

April 2 marks 10 years since welfare rates were raised in B.C.
(CBC News)

Today marks 10 years since welfare rates were raised in B.C.
Province says receiving welfare is only meant to be a temporary measure
April 2, 2017

CBC News


- Go to the BC Government Links page:

Ontario ends onerous reviews for disabled people on welfare - April 5
(Ministry of Community and Social Services

Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services update
April 5, 2017
Ontario is improving the medical review process to help Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) recipients whose medical condition has not improved.
[ODSP = Ontario Disability Support Program]

Ontario ends onerous reviews for disabled people on welfare
April 5, 2017

ISAC: New ODSP medical reviews start this month
April 7, 2017

Advocate says Ontario’s social assistance programs need to do more (video, 30 minutes)
Are economists feeling optimistic that the Canadian economy is showing its strongest growth since the summer of 2013? Not everyone is convinced sunny days are ahead. Sheldon Neil speaks to Amanda Lang on Canada's economy, and if the future really spells more money in your pocket.


- Go to the Ontario Government Links page:

Media & Policy News: 7 April 2017
(Jennefer Laidley, Income Security Advocacy Centre - Toronto)

Media & Policy News: 7 April 2017

Click the link above to access any article in the list below.

Top Stories

Ontario ends onerous reviews for disabled people on welfare
ISAC: New ODSP medical reviews start this month
Ministry of Community and Social Services update
Advocate says Ontario’s social assistance programs need to do more
Toronto’s ‘gig economy’ fueled by young workers starved for choice

Sharing economy workers tend to be young, well-educated, finds surve
CCPA Report: “Sharing economy” work in the GTA is more than just a gig
Business group discovers being good is good for business
Better Way Alliance
The role of business in poverty reduction

Conference Board of Canada says Canada needs to lower poverty and inequality
Hard at Work: How do students live on unpaid internships?
Big changes considered for Ontario workplaces
Minister says report on workplace rules is “4 to 6 weeks away”
Cornwall lawyer advocating for taxi driver protections under Employment Standards Act

Ontario Liberals reject fast-tracking of rent control bill
Soaring rents may expose flaws in longtime economic theory
Hamilton pitches $50 million spending plan to fight poverty
Council shifts $50 million anti-poverty plan into an affordable housing initiative
Hamilton politicians approve “historic” poverty strategy to invest $50 million into affordable housing

What homelessness looks like for women in Canada
April 1 marked 10 years since welfare rates were raised in BC
Time to raise welfare rates: Debunking the BC government’s sorry excuses for inaction
Decade of frozen welfare rates leave families in deepening poverty
Ten year welfare rate freeze hurts BC: Report

Alberta government announces additional $25-a-day daycare spots across 22 centres
Calgary’s unique $5.05 monthly bus pass for city’s poorest now available
Canada added 19,400 jobs in March, unemployment up slightly


Olive: How we implement basic income will define our future
Basic income a complex issue, summit hears
Private dental care fails millions in Ontario
Ontario’s economy is second worst for young people. But it’s the worst on one thing
NDP bill would allow unmarried parents to seek support for disabled adult children

NDP bill to make it easier to join a union will help Ontario workers, says OFL
NDP MPP wants gender lens applied to the Ontario budget
Crown Ward class action lawsuit certified by the courts
Government release: Province announces employment and modernization fund projects for adults with developmental disabilities
Liberals could win as few as seven seats in 2018 election: Poll

Reports, Events, Campaigns and Other Good Things

Tax Preparation Clinics in Ontario
April 13 webinar: Who is vulnerable to household food insecurity and what does this mean for policy and practice?
April 13 event, Toronto: Leap Manifesto: Public Debate on Basic Income
Homeless Hub Newsletter: Youth Without Home
Stats Can: Payroll employment, earnings and hours, January 2017

Stats Can: Labour force survey, March 2017
April Newsletter: Canadian Doctors for Medicare
Consumer Alert: What you need to know when getting help to pay off your debt or repair your credit

Around the Province

Local Hamilton business leaders seek to make a difference
Residents of Toronto Community Housing to shape its future: City considers independent corporation
Toronto Mayor’s roundtable less about affordable housing, more about real estate as low-income advocates not invited
What’s driving Toronto house prices through the roof?
Special committee meeting hears from frustrated tenants, experts in Toronto
One year later, Toronto health officials still battling strep outbreak at men’s shelter
Northeastern Ontario a hotbed for bad health

Across the Country

Social assistance turned me away when I needed it most
Charlottetown woman goes on social assistance to raise grandchildren
Islanders in poverty say PEI supports, programs don’t go far enough
Trying to break the cycle of poverty in a family
Being poor in today’s society

Root of the problem
A disability means poverty
Poverty dominates agenda at PEI legislature Thursday
Mundy says PEI government developing poverty reduction strategy
Why are social assistance mileage rates half what PEI MLAs receive?

Jean Swanson: Homelessness in BC a problem that just keeps growing
BC’s working poor: Education essential to better opportunities
BC’s working poor: Reducing poverty is expensive but possible
Thousands of low-income housing units in BC at risk to convert to market rental
CCPA-BC study: Many BC seniors are living in poverty

Mincome is pro-health and against poverty
Minimum wage increases in the Maritimes
Minimum wage in Nova Scotia increases by 15 cents
Minimum wage in New Brunswick goes up 35 cents
Modest minimum wage raises has many Maritime workers wanting more

PEI wages falling against Canadian average
Nova Scotia Food banks: We cannot feed our way out of this crisis, but maybe couponing will help
New Brunswick Medical Society launches guide to help doctors assess patient poverty risk
MLA alleges discrimination after NB mother denied social assistance
Quebec government hints at basic income guarantee


Advocates challenge false claims about Canadian refugee income
Indigenous Affairs Minister announces funding for Ontario First Nations children
10 things to know about the federal government’s role in poverty reduction
With more refugees pouring in, Toronto advocates ringing alarms about federal funding
Liberals urged to think twice about ‘Seniors’ Price Index’


Neoliberalism is killing us: Economic stress as a driver of global depression and suicide
Once middle class, she hung on as long as she could. Now she and her dogs live in a car in Carlsbad
Rural Americans turn to disability as jobs dry up
Two child benefits limit could push 200,000 children to poverty, charities say
Why UK charities are refusing to administer the new Child Tax Credit rape clause

Poor families to lose up to 7000 pound a year under Tory welfare cuts
Poverty in the UK is not a deficit of life skills
UK’s Centrelink inquiry told “income averaging” creating incorrect welfare debts
ne in five Brits have no pension savings and face retirement poverty
Australia’s needless rush into power poverty
Number of Russians in poverty hits decade high


Special thanks to Jennefer Laidley
Policy & Research Analyst
Income Security Advocacy Centre

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What's New in The Daily [Statistics Canada]
--- Labour Force Survey, March 2017 - April 7

--- Provincial and territorial economic accounts: Government revenue, expenditure and budgetary balance, 2015 - April 4

Statistics Canada

What's new from The Daily:

Past issues of The Daily
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April 7, 2017
Labour Force Survey, March 2017
Employment was little changed in March (+19,000 or +0.1%), while the unemployment rate rose 0.1 percentage points to 6.7% as more people searched for work.


April 4, 2017
Provincial and territorial economic accounts: Government revenue, expenditure and budgetary balance, 2015
Detailed government revenues, expenditures and budgetary balance by province and territory for 2015, with revised estimates for 2013 and 2014, are now available

StatCan Blog

What's new from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

What's new from the
Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU):

April 9, 2017
What's new online this week:

1. Research, policy & practice
- materials include: scholarly research, policy studies and briefs, government and NGO reports

New parents and child care survey
20 Jan 2017 | Canada
The Childcare Resource and Research Unit is conducting a survey of parents and parents-to-be across Canada who are (or whose partner is) expecting a baby or on paid or unpaid maternity/parental leave. We are studying how parents make plans for child care to help develop strategies for helping families find child care arrangements. This anonymous survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Please help us to circulate the survey, either by passing it on yourself to appropriate individuals or groups, through social media, by putting a link to it on your website or in a newsletter, or through other means. Please find links to the questionnaire, available in English and French, on this page as well as attached survey logos that can be used in your outreach strategies.

Economic Security of Women in Canada
5 Apr 2017 | Canada
A number of written briefs and witness statements have recently been published by the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women as part of their Study on the Economic Security of Women in Canada. The lack of child care is highlighted in most of the briefs as a barrier faced by women in achieving economic stability. One, written by Martha Friendly, examines child care as fundamental to women's economic security and proposes ways to improve it. Other briefs and witness testimonies that focus on child care and parental leave: Pierre Fortin; Kathleen Lahey, Unifor; Andrea Doucet, et al.; Donna S. Lero; Oxfam; Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada; Canadian Labour Congress; and the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Written briefs are still being accepted until May 15th.
At what cost? The 30 hours 'free' childcare promise in London 5 Apr 2017 | Europe
New report from 4in10, an anti-child poverty organization in England, calls on decision makers to support the early years sector through greater funding of the 30 hours 'free' childcare scheme in order to ensure that eligible families in London don't miss out. Authors urge that further support must be given in order to protect the quality of childcare provision and ensure support for providers to maintain and expand childcare spaces.

How do early childhood education and care (ECEC) policies, systems and quality vary across OECD countries?
5 Apr 2017 | International
2013 report from the OECD outlines the ways in which ECEC services have expanded in OECD countries as well as how policy reform has been shaped by a shift towards educational outcomes. Authors highlight that improving access without giving due attention to the quality of ECEC services is not sufficient to secure good individual and social outcomes.

Spring into action for decent work
5 Apr 2017 | Ontario
New brief provides an update on the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario's Professional Pay & Decent Work campaign. This brief outlines the next major steps of the campaign that will include leadership training to structure local teams of advocates organizing for decent work across Ontario as well as the development of a Decent Work Charter for non-profit early years and child care organizations and policy recommendations for all levels of government.

MORE research, policy & practice

2. Child care in the news:
- archive of news articles about early childhood education and child care (ECEC) in Canada and abroad

Why I refuse to feel guilty for sending my kids to childcare
5 Apr 2017 | Australia and New Zealand

Liberals try to sell child-care budget plan
5 Apr 2017 | Canada

Would a universal childcare system in Canada pay for itself?
5 Apr 2017 | Canada

Blog: The problem with the Trudeau government’s 18-month maternity leave plan
5 Apr 2017 | Canada

Increased minimum wage means 'large number of families' no longer eligible for childcare subsidy
5 Apr 2017 | Prince Edward Island


MORE child care in the news

Child Rights Information Network - CRIN

Child Rights Information Network - CRIN
CRIN is a global children’s rights advocacy network. Established in 1995, we press for rights - not charity - and campaign for a genuine shift in how governments and societies view and treat children. We link to nearly 3,000 organisations that between them work on children’s rights in every country in the world and rely on our publications, research and information sharing.

Our Vision
CRIN envisions a world in which every child enjoys all their human rights guaranteed by the United Nations, regional organisations and national governments.


Latest issue of CRINMAIL:

5 April 2017 --- CRINmail 1525
In this issue:
Latest news and reports
- Toxics and radiation
- Civil and political rights
- Sexual violence
- Education
Upcoming events
Also in this issue:
Upcoming events
World news
Challenging violations
Take action


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CRIN News Archive


CRIN Country Pages : CANADA


Children's rights Wiki - from CRIN
The Children's Rights Wiki assembles all information about children's rights in every country in one place. The purpose of the project is to make the huge volume of information that exists on children's rights more accessible, assist children's rights advocates in identifying persistent violations, and inspire collective action. This is a web-based, multi-lingual and interactive project.


Canada and Children's Rights
- from the Children's Rights Wiki


- Go to the Children's Rights Links page:


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