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May 8, 2016

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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the Moms out there and to those who are no longer with us...


2016 Fort McMurray Fire Relief

- From the Canadian Red Cross:

- From the Crisis Relief Centre:

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Canadian content:

1. Dear Mr. Trump : an open letter from AVAAZ and the rest of the world.
2. Media & Policy News for 06 May 2016 (Jennefer Laidley, Income Security Advocacy Centre)
3. Study : Gender-Based Analysis in the Federal Government (House of Commons Committee on the Status of Women) - May 3
4. Ten things to know about the 2016-17 Alberta budget ( Nick Falvo, PhD, Calgary Homeless Foundation) - May 3
5. What's New in The Daily [Statistics Canada]:
--- Labour Force Survey, April 2016 - May 6
Study: Family income mobility of Canadian taxfilers, 1982 to 2012 - May 3
--- Elementary and secondary education expenditures, 2013/2014 - May 3
--- Hours worked and labour productivity in the provinces and territories, 2014 - May 2

6. What's new from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

International content

7. Poverty Dispatch: U.S. media coverage of social issues and programs
8. The Anti-Poverty Experiment That Could Fix America’s Broken Welfare System : Universal Basic Income (New York Magazine) - May 1
9. Child Rights Information Network - CRIN

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1. Dear Mr. Trump : an open letter from AVAAZ and the rest of the world.

May 8, 2016
Dear Mr. Trump

NOTE (by Gilles) : Because I was born and raised in Canada, I won't be eligible to vote in the American Presidential Election in November of this year. However, I don't want to miss the opportunity of adding my name to and my support for this open letter to let the rest of the world know that we're not ALL a bunch of effing lunatics here in North America. Scary to consider that it *might* be The Donald, with his cool, calm demeanor and his political acumen (not!) whose finger will be hovering over the big red button in the Oval Office, awaiting his next temper tantrum...

Dear Mr. Trump
Add your voice to the open letter from AVAAZ below -- when enough people sign, it will run as a full page ad in major newspapers around the world.

"Dear Mr. Trump,

This is not what greatness looks like. The world rejects your fear, hate-mongering, and bigotry. We reject your support for torture, your calls for murdering civilians, and your general encouragement of violence. We reject your denigration of women, Muslims, Mexicans, and millions of others who don’t look like you, talk like you, or pray to the same god as you. Facing your fear we choose compassion. Hearing your despair we choose hope. Seeing your ignorance we choose understanding.

As citizens of the world, we stand united against your brand of division."

According to The Guardian (U.K), AVAAZ is the globe's largest and most powerful online activist network.
The AVAAZ website says it is a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere.


- Go to the Links to American Government Social Research Links page:

2. Media & Policy News for 6 May 2016
(Jennefer Laidley, Income Security Advocacy Centre)

From Jennefer Laidley of the
Income Security Advocacy Centre:
[ ]

Latest Media & Policy News: 6 May 2016

Click the link above to access any of the articles below.

Top Stories

May Day Op-Ed: Ontario’s labour laws are failing vulnerable workers
“Migrant Dreams” broken as workers face exploitation on Ontario farms
Star Editorial: End the abuse of Chinese food workers
Tibetan immigrants fight for fair wages and dignity at the Ontario Food Terminal
Workers win first contract – but joining a union shouldn’t be this hard
Photos: Migrant mushroom pickers in Canada
Video: Pushback on precarious work
New data shows Canada is a class-divided nation
Block blog: Ontario’s job market remains on pause
Manitoba Liberals call on federal government to ensure all children – even those without a social insurance number – get access to the new Canada Child Benefit
BC pledges to raise minimum wage to $10.85, then $11.25 an hour over two years
WSIB’s handling of medical advice criticized at Thunder Bay rally
CELA blog: Amendments to Ontario’s Cap-and-Trade bill make gains for low-income and vulnerable communities
Return of mandatory long-form in 2016 Census “very helpful to ethnic communities”
Canadians are “completely nerding out” on the long-form Census:
This Census ticked all the right boxes
Broadbent Institute economist says buying a house costs 400 weeks worth of work, twice as much as 1970 (incl. link to the


Star Editorial: Fumbling at the top, with Ontario’s costly new welfare case management system
No one disciplined for welfare-payments system failure that cost $52M to fix
IBM wins $32M government contract despite delivering problem-riddled software
Minster defends rehiring IBM
SAMS workers’ survey charts decline in service quality for social assistance recipients
OPSEU president calls for removal of Minister
Brantford and Brant County want compensation for $600,000 expenses incurred

Ontario launches public consultation on tenancy act changes
Ontario recovers nearly $140,000 of unpaid wages to interns
Energy minister explains why higher electricity rates have just kicked in, again

Events, Campaigns, Reports, and Other Good Things

May 12; Put Food in the Budget Annual Campaign Meeting
May 18; CLEO workshop: How can you help your clients when they face a legal issue?
May 19; Wellesley Event: Building Healthy Cities: Revenue for good health
May 24; Canada Without Poverty course: Putting poverty in the “rights” place
Metcalf report: Resilient Neighbourhood Economies: A Foundation’s strategic learning from a three-year investment in local economies
Brookings Institution report
Fraser Institute study: Governments in Canada spent more than $25 billion on childcare in 2015

Around the Province

Hamilton Council approves new $50M poverty plan
Eisenberger: Poverty program will improve Hamilton
Is poverty the city’s job?
The Spec: Exploding myths around the poverty battle
The dial’s been moved with the mayor’s poverty initiative
Local Poverty Reduction Fund information session helps Kingston groups apply for funding
Low-income transit pass in Ottawa could cost $1.3 – $3.3 million per year
Manitoulin Legal Clinic gets funding for Injured Worker Initiative
Leading on poverty reduction: Lessons from Scarborough
Ontario Renovates grants available in Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

Across the Country

Nanaimo homeless camp dismantled with heavy machinery
Advocates criticize BC’s affordable housing plan as doing nothing for those in most need
Crackdown on tent city in Surrey, BC leaves people who are homeless feeling like garbage
City of Vancouver wants public input on what to do about 10,800 empty Vancouver homes
Dying outside: Being homeless in La Ronge, Saskatchewan can kill you
Report: Families are increasingly becoming the face of Ottawa’s homeless population
Newfoundland and Labrador anti-poverty advocate says online benefits calculator misleading
Cuts to BC’s car insurance benefits: Not sexy, but about social justice
Prince George, BC, may join the call for a provincial poverty plan
Ten things to know about Alberta’s recent budget – including the new Alberta Child Benefit, but no increase to social assistance benefits
PEI denies social assistance to man caring for woman with multiple sclerosis
Medicine Hat letter to the editor: We don’t need a return to the Dark Ages


Canadians put $40 billion in tax havens last year
Politician overseeing Panama Papers has a tax haven connection
Interview with ED of Canadians for Tax Fairness
Four more regions close to receiving expanded EI benefits, Ottawa says
Canadian shelters forced to turn away majority of women and children in need
Six countries that believe access to the internet is a basic human right
MacKenzie Blog: Zombie ideas on pension reform rise again
CRA mistakenly declares woman dead, cuts off CPP and OAS


Making poverty history didn’t happen. We should have been tackling the problem of the rich
Donald Trump insists that wages are “too high”
The anti-poverty experiment that could fix America’s broken welfare system
Unicef: Half of Mexican children live in poverty
Carbon tax compensation dropped for new recipients of UK’s social assistance programs
UK’s universal credit welfare reform has “serious flaws”
Indigenous Australian elders reject “unfair social experiment”
Advocates slam “unconscionable” cuts to unemployment payments in Australia budget
Italian court rules that stealing food if you’re poor and hungry is not a crime
Germany to withhold welfare from foreign EU nationals
Varoufakis: Basic income is an essential approach for social democracy
Is universal basic income too simplistic to meet housing need?
Is poverty a medical illness? Identifying the true cause of death

Jennefer Laidley of the
Income Security Advocacy Centre
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3. Study : Gender-Based Analysis in the Federal Government - May 3
(House of Commons Committee on the Status of Women)

From the
Standing Committee on the Status of Women (House of Commons)

The House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women invites the public to submit written briefs for the Committee’s upcoming study on Gender-Based Analysis in the Federal Government.
[ ]

At the federal level, gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) is an analytical tool employed by the federal government to improve and advance gender equality in Canada. Starting in 1995, the Government of Canada committed to using GBA+ in the development and implementation of policies, programs and legislation. All departments and agencies are encouraged to conduct GBA+ and to monitor and report on the results of such analysis.

News Release
May 3, 2016

Gender-Based Analysis
Report and Government Response
Report 3: Introduction to Gender-Based Analysis Plus
Adopted by the Committee: May 3, 2016
Presented to the House: May 6, 2016

Standing Committee on the Status of Women


- Go to the Canadian Government Sites about Women's Social Issues page:

4. Ten things to know about the 2016-17 Alberta budget - May 3
( Nick Falvo, PhD, Calgary Homeless Foundation)

Ten things to know about the 2016-17 Alberta budget
May 3, 2016
By Nick Falvo, PhD

On April 14, the Alberta government tabled its 2016-17 budget: Alberta Jobs Plan.
Here are 10 things to know about it:

1. A new carbon tax (known as a “carbon levy”) was announced.
2. Two-thirds of the revenue generated from the carbon tax will finance climate-related initiatives.
3. A major feature of the budget is the new Alberta Child Benefit.
4. The days of 6% year-over-year growth of health spending may be over.
5. On an annual basis, provincial spending on housing will nearly double.
6. The homelessness sector saw a 2% increase in funding.
7. Many social assistance recipients will see a decrease in the real value of their benefits.
8. Alberta remains the only Canadian province without a sales tax.
9. Alberta’s debt-to-GDP ratio remains the lowest in Canada.
10. More details on the budget will be released over the next several weeks.

Calgary Homeless Foundation


- Go to the Alberta Links page:

- Go to the 2016 Canadian Government Budgets Links page:

5. What's New in The Daily [Statistics Canada]:
Labour Force Survey, April 2016 - May 6
Study: Family income mobility of Canadian taxfilers, 1982 to 2012 - May 3
--- Elementary and secondary education expenditures, 2013/2014 - May 3
--- Hours worked and labour productivity in the provinces and territories, 2014 - May 2

What's new from The Daily:

Past issues of The Daily

[Statistics Canada ]

Statistics Canada
Release schedule for
The Daily:

May 6, 2016
Labour Force Survey, April 2016
Following an increase in March, employment was virtually unchanged in April (-2,100 or 0.0%), and the unemployment rate remained at 7.1%. Compared with 12 months earlier, employment increased by 144,000 or 0.8%, with gains in both full-time and part-time work. Over the same period, the number of hours worked rose by 0.9%.

May 3, 2016
Study: Family income mobility of Canadian taxfilers, 1982 to 2012
From the late 1990s to 2012, Canadian taxfilers saw their family incomes increase at a faster rate than during the 1980s and the early 1990s. They also became less likely to move up or down the income distribution ladder.

May 3, 2016
Elementary and secondary education expenditures, 2013/2014
Data for 2013/2014 are now available for elementary and secondary education expenditures by type and by direct source. The objective of this annual release is to disseminate financial information on elementary and secondary education in Canada. These financial statistics are collected for each province and territory and are converted to a standard classification of financial accounts and to a fiscal year.

May 2, 2016
Hours worked and labour productivity in the provinces and territories, 2014
As part of the 2015 comprehensive revision of the Canadian System of Macroeconomic Accounts, the data on provincial and territorial labour productivity and related variables in the business sector by industry from 1997 to 2014 are being released today.

Check past issues of The Daily:
Select day / month / year to access issues of The Daily going back to 1995.

StatCan Blog
The goal of the StatCan Blog is to pull back the curtain to explain some of the agency’s inner workings, and to show the links between quality statistics and the lives of Canadians.

The Daily
[Statistics Canada ]


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6. What's new from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

What's new from the
Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU):

May 7, 2016
What's new online this week:

Les services de garde au Québec: Champ libre au privé
3 May 2016 | Quebec
New report from the Institut de recherche et d'informations socio-économiques (L’IRIS) in Québec considers the current child care climate in the province including the recent budget cuts to CPEs that are forcing more parents to turn to private child care to meet their needs. The authors note that the quality of services in non-subsidized private daycares is often lacking and that any increase in costs associated with these services can have negative impacts on the participation of women in the labour market.

Social determinants of health: Canadian perspectives
3 May 2016 | Canada
Edited collection from Canadian Scholars' Press offers a comprehensive discussion of the primary factors that influence the health of Canada’s population. Taking a public policy approach, the authors analyze structural inequalities in our society and the socio-economic factors that affect health. Updates to this third edition include a greater focus on the political mechanisms that explain the distribution of the social determinants of health and additional material on public policy, early childhood education in Canada, and the determinants of Indigenous peoples’ health.

Interaction: The forest preschool movement in Canada
3 May 2016 | Canada
The Spring 2016 issue of Interaction, the Canadian Child Care Federation's publication, highlights nature-based child care and early learning programs that emphasize all day outdoor play. In focus articles feature information about the forest school movement in Canada, early childhood educators who have taken nature-based training and are applying this to their programs and the implication of nature and outdoor programs in fostering child social development and inclusion.

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination report
3 May 2016 | Europe
New research investigates the prevalence and nature of pregnancy discrimination and disadvantage in workplaces across Britain. Results are based on interviews with 3,034 employers and 3,254 mothers. Surveys aimed to cover the views and experiences of employers and mothers on issues related to managing pregnancy, maternity leave and returning to work.

First-year daycare and incidence of acute gastroenteritis
3 May 2016 | Europe
Recent study from the Netherlands investigates the effects of first-year daycare attendance on acute gastroenteritis (AGE) incidence and primary care contact rate up to age six. The researchers conclude that first-year daycare attendance advances the timing of AGE infections, resulting in increased AGE disease burden in the first year and relative protection thereafter until at least the age of six. This suggests that early daycare attendance may provide some health immunity for children.

MORE research, policy & practice
Research, policy & practice materials include: scholarly research, policy studies and briefs, government and NGO reports.

Child care in the news

Petite enfance: Québec favorise les garderies privées, soutient l'IRIS
3 May 2016 | Quebec

The cruel and pointless push to get preschoolers 'college and career ready'
3 May 2016 | United States

Services de garde privés: concurrence déloyale
2 May 2016 | Quebec

Vancouver living wage improves, but child care still a huge strain
2 May 2016 | British Columbia

Toddler calls now to put her future offspring on daycare waiting list
2 May 2016 | Ontario

MORE research, policy & practice

2. Child care in the news:
- archive of news articles about early childhood education and child care (ECEC) in Canada and abroad

It's time to rip the band-aid off Canada's daycare crisis

27 Apr 2016 | Canada

Beausoleil daycare may not reopen under city management, councillors told
27 Apr 2016 | Quebec

Ottawa braces for $2.2M childcare subsidy shortfall
27 Apr 2016 | Ontario

P.E.I. childcare subsidy program cut again
27 Apr 2016 | Prince Edward Island

Paternity leave in Canada might get much needed revamp
27 Apr 2016 | Canada

MORE child care in the news


- Go to the Non-Governmental Early Learning and Child Care Links page:

7. Poverty Dispatch: U.S. media coverage of social issues and programs
(Institute for Research on Poverty - University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Poverty Dispatch (U.S.)
The Poverty Dispatch is a daily scan of U.S. web-based news items dealing with topics such as poverty, welfare reform, child welfare, education, health, hunger, Medicare and Medicaid, etc.. The Dispatch is distributed by the Institute for Research on Poverty, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. News articles from online newspapers are tagged with more specific keywords relevant to each article.

Click the link above, then (on the next page) select a date on the calendar to see media items for that date.

8. The Anti-Poverty Experiment That Could Fix America’s Broken Welfare System : Universal Basic Income - May 1, 2016
(New York Magazine)

The Anti-Poverty Experiment That Could Fix America’s Broken Welfare System
By Annie Lowrey
May 1, 2016
In the United States, we spend hundreds of billions of dollars to prevent poverty, and yet one in seven of us still lives in poverty, including one in five children. Despite being the richest country in the history of the world, roughly 1.5 million households are living on less than $2 a day per person.

New York Magazine


- Go to the Guaranteed Annual Income Links page:

9. Child Rights Information Network - CRIN

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)
CRIN is a global children’s rights advocacy network. Established in 1995, we press for rights - not charity - and campaign for a genuine shift in how governments and societies view and treat children. We link to nearly 3,000 organisations that between them work on children’s rights in every country in the world and rely on our publications, research and information sharing.

Our Vision
CRIN envisions a world in which every child enjoys all their human rights guaranteed by the United Nations, regional organisations and national governments.


4 May 2016 - CRINmail issue 1478
In this issue:
Latest news and reports
- Access to justice & child-friendly justice
- Impact on children's health
- Sexual abuse and exploitation
- Surveys: disability and participation
Minimum ages: Access to media
Upcoming events
Also in this issue:
World news
- Challenging violations
- Take action
- Campaigns


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Children's rights Wiki - from CRIN
The Children's Rights Wiki assembles all information about children's rights in every country in one place. The purpose of the project is to make the huge volume of information that exists on children's rights more accessible, assist children's rights advocates in identifying persistent violations, and inspire collective action. This is a web-based, multi-lingual and interactive project.


Canada and Children's Rights
- from the Children's Rights Wiki


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2016 Fort McMurray Fire Relief

- From the Canadian Red Cross:

- From the Crisis Relief Centre:

- From the National Observer:

Beginning today (May 6), those wishing to support victims of the natural disaster — particularly from the burning city of Fort McMurray — can drop off money at their local BMO, Canadian Western Bank, CIBC, HSBC Bank Canada, Laurentian Bank of Canada, National Bank, RBC, Scotiabank, TD Bank Group, or Tangerine Bank offices.

All donations will be matched by the federal and Alberta governments, meaning that for every dollar gifted, the Canadian Red Cross will receive $3.


Welfare and the Politics of Poverty (video, duration 13:27)

"...ending welfare as we knew it."