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Special Ontario Election 2018
June 6, 2018

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JUNE 6, 2018

NOTE from the Canadian Social Research Links Guy:

Well, here we are at the end of another year of social research and heading into a sunny and warm summer. This is just a quick note to inform you that I'll soon be shifting gears and dusting off the ole fishing rod & reel to drown a few worms in The Mighty Ottawa River, within a five-minute walk from my home. Consequently, I'll be taking breaks from my site and newsletter for varying periods until the Fall. From time to time, though, I'll want to share some new info or maybe even a joke or two to tide you over until the leaves start falling...



Media & Policy News

From Jennefer Laidley of the
Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC):
[ ]

The 2018 Ontario provincial election will take place on June 7.

Check out the following ginormous collection of articles focusing mainly on the Ontario provincial election, which will take place on June 7, 2018. The three links immediately below contain 100+ links each --- grab a cuppa coffee and peruse the excellent online content collated by Jennifer Laidley of the Income Security Advocacy Centre.
[THANKS, Jennifer!!]

June 1, 2018
Week 4


May 25, 2018
Week 3


May 18, 2018
Week Two


Past Media & Policy News:

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Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC):

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What's New in The Daily [Statistics Canada]:
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--- Labour productivity, hourly compensation and unit labour cost, first quarter 2018 - June 5

--- Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada: Internal migration (2015/2016) and fertility (2012 to 2016) - June 5

--- Employer pension plans (trusteed pension funds), Fourth quarter 2017 - June 5

--- Study: Employment rates and wages of core-aged workers in Canada and the United States, 2000 to 2017 - June 4

--- Gross domestic product, income and expenditure, First quarter 2018 - May 31

--- Payroll employment, earnings and hours, March 2018 - May 31


What's new from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

An economic perspective on the current and future role of nonprofit provision of early learning and child care services in Canada: Final report
May 2018 | Canada
This Canada-wide study published in 2007, examines four different data sets over three years in an effort to understand the relationships between auspice and quality. Authors assert that, "the gross pattern is remarkably uniform" (Cleveland et al., 2007, p.14), with non-profits producing a higher quality of care compared to for-profit operations (outliers are of course present). The project includes a literature review, statistical analysis of prominent data sets, interviews with key informants, and information presented in a detailed and non-binary fashion. The report remains relevant today.

Parental-leave policy for male lawyers in Helsinki and Montreal
30 May 2018 | International
In this study, authors interview male lawyers in an effort to determine their attitudes to taking paternity and parental leave when it is legislated. Québecois fathers were less likely than their Finnish counterparts to take leave; this is hypothesized to be related to the age of the policy (2006 and 1978, respectively) and differences in work cultures. Authors suggest policy is the first step, with more needed in terms of changing social mores.

International perspectives on quality in mixed economics of childcare
30 May 2018 | International
"This paper briefly reviews international perspectives on quality in mixed economies of childcare. It explores the particular features of the childcare market and suggests that conventional economic rationales do not apply in such a market. It claims that, contrary to government predictions, competition in the private for-profit childcare sector does not lead to ‘quality’ childcare" (Penn, 2009, Abstract).

Early care and education policies and programs to support healthy eating and physical activity: Best practices and changes over time
30 May 2018 | United States
American researchers reviewed literature and policies pertaining to obesity prevention, healthy eating behaviours and screen time between 2010-2016 within the early years sector. Recommendations include multi-pronged interventions and partnering with parents, suggestions for future research and policy development are made.

Work activity of families with children in Canada, 2005 to 2015
23 May 2018 | Canada
Statistics Canada presents the first of a series intended to shed light on a range of social and economic issues across the country based on analysis of the 2016 Census results. Among other findings, labour force participation among couple parents of young children is highlighted as being comparatively less than other couples.

MORE research, policy & practice

Child care in the news

Lawyer dads in Quebec are less likely to take paternity leave: Study
4 Jun 2018 | Quebec

Sask. committed to tabling extended parental leave bill in autumn
4 Jun 2018 | Saskatchewan

Extended parental-leave legislation introduced, more expected in fall
4 Jun 2018 | Saskatchewan

Protection of children’s rights a priority in Ukraine’s state policy - Poroshenko
4 Jun 2018 | Europe

Switzerland: Government comes out against paternity leave proposal
4 Jun 2018 | Europe

MORE child care in the news

More recent releases:


CRINMAIL (weekly children's rights newsletter) - June 6
CRIN is a global children’s rights advocacy network. Established in 1995, we press for rights - not charity - and campaign for a genuine shift in how governments and societies view and treat children. We link to nearly 3,000 organisations that between them work on children’s rights in every country in the world and rely on our publications, research and information sharing.


NOTE: (by Gilles)
I've decided to suspend any further updates to the CRINMAIL newsletter archive because of Internet gremlins. If you click on "Gilles' CRINMAIL Archive" below, you'll note that the latest issue of CRINMAIL is dated December 2016, because that's when I ceased updating the Archives pages for several online newsletters, some that went right back to Y2K. I've left those pages online but I won't be updating them.

Here's the link to the latest release of CRINMAIL :

30 May 2018 - CRINmail issue 1584
In this issue:
Latest news and reports
- Migrant and refugee children
- Counter-terrorism
- Sexual abuse and access to justice
- Health and discrimination
Upcoming events
World news
Challenging violations
Take action


Gilles' CRINMAIL Archive I (2014-2015- 2016)
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CRINMAIL Archive (from the CRIN website)
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Children's rights Wiki - from CRIN
The Children's Rights Wiki assembles all information about children's rights in every country in one place. The purpose of the project is to make the huge volume of information that exists on children's rights more accessible, assist children's rights advocates in identifying persistent violations, and inspire collective action. This is a web-based, multi-lingual and interactive project.


Canada and Children's Rights
- from the Children's Rights Wiki


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