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May 1, 2016

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Canadian content:

1. Ontario’s basic income program poses threat to existing social programs - April 28 (Yahoo Finance)
2. The Long Form Census returns May 10, 2016! - April 19 (CBC News)
3. Media & Policy News for 29 April 2016 (Jennefer Laidley, Income Security Advocacy Centre)
4. What's New in The Daily [Statistics Canada]:
--- Payroll employment, earnings and hours, February 2016 - April 28
Criminal victimization in the territories, 2014 -
April 27
--- Study: Educational and labour market outcomes of childhood immigrants by admission class, 1980 to 2000 - April 25

5. What's new from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

International content

6. Poverty Dispatch: U.S. media coverage of social issues and programs
7. Child Rights Information Network - CRIN

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1. Ontario’s basic income program poses threat to existing social programs - April 28
(Yahoo Finance)

Ontario’s basic income program poses threat to existing social programs
By Aaron Broverman
28 Apr, 2016
The 2015 Ontario Budget increased Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) rates. The increases started on the October 30 cheque for both OW and ODSP. Click the link above to see a chart showing the current (as of October 1) and new (as of October 30) Basic Needs and Maximum Shelter amounts for different family types. It also shows Ontario Child Benefit amounts, because the OCB is an important part of the total amount of income that people on OW and ODSP who have children get each month. All the children in these examples are under age 18.

Yahoo Finance

Related links:

Ontario Works - for eligible people without disabilities

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) - for eligible people with disabilities

Social Assistance Rates and the OCB (small PDF file)
October 1, 2015


- Go to the Ontario Municipal and Non-Governmental Sites (O-Z) page:

2. The Long Form Census returns May 10, 2016! - April 19
(CBC News)

The Long Form Census returns May 10, 2016!
Officials are hoping a successful E-Petition will lead to the city being named a national site for poverty reduction.

Audio report on the return of the long form Census questionnaire (no video) - duration 7:50

John Campey and the Data Hounds sing (again), in celebration:


- Go to the Census 2011 questionnaire links page:

3. Media & Policy News for 29 April 2016
(Jennefer Laidley, Income Security Advocacy Centre)

From Jennefer Laidley of the
Income Security Advocacy Centre:
[ ]

Latest Media & Policy News: 29 April 2016

Click the link above to access any of the articles be low.

Top Stories

Report: Widespread workplace abuse persists for restaurant workers of Chinese descent
To endorse the recommendations of this report via a letter to the Minister of Labour, download the template letter here:
Ontario workers killed and injured on the job commemorated on National Day of Mourning
Ontario’s basic income program poses threat to existing social programs:
Letter to the Editor: Provinces must not claw back the Canada Child Benefit from social assistance
Editorial: Paul Miller’s private member’s bill on a Social Assistance Research Commission would do a lot of public good
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal orders federal government to ensure services for Aboriginal kids
Man walking 1100km across Ontario on poverty and mental health awareness journey
Saint John, NB wants to be a national demonstration site for a national Poverty Reduction Strategy
More on Ottawa’s preparations for the month that new Syrian refugees lose federal funding
How to handle potentially overwhelming demand for affordable housing and social assistance
Food emptying fast at city’s food banks
The Long Form Census returns May 10!
John Campey and the Data Hounds sing (again), in celebration: (video, duration 2:27)
NOTE (by Gilles): One of the people in this talented septet is Jennefer Laidley, who monitors social policy issues in the media for the Income Security Advocacy Centre in Toronto. Thanks, Jennefer!
Jennefer shares her work (for free) with everyone who subscribes to her (mostly weekly) mailing list, to assist those government people who craft the
laws guiding social assistance and to those in the NGO sector to help keep governments' feet to the fire in matters of social policy.


Minister knew of “significant” problems with social assistance computer system before launch
Moody’s upgrades Ontario’s credit rating outlook to “stable”
Ontario Retirement Pension Plan should compete with private sector, says advocates
Ontario streamlines free dental care for low-income kids (incl. Press release)

ACORN: Does $500,000 in donations to Ontario political parties buy pro-landlord legislation?

Events, Campaigns, Reports and Other Good Things

June 1: Injured Workers’ Day Rally and March – Stop the cuts to Workers Compensation
The End of Poverty: A survivor’s journal – by Mike Creek

Around the Province

Kingston Coalition Against Poverty rallies to support higher social assistance rates
Peterborough councillor says eliminating poverty is possible
Spectator Editorial: Hamilton’s Mayor stands up to poverty
Op-Ed: “Leadership is caring for the most vulnerable”
Opinion: Poverty program will improve Hamilton
Premier Wynne talks affordable housing in Hamilton
Toronto program that helps intellectually disabled adults live in dependently gets funding
Toronto’s growing food insecurity crisis – with child poverty map
The Urban Worker Project gives “a floor” to GTA’s freelance and contract workers
Student Poverty Challenge in Belleville breaks down stereotypes
Sudbury health unit supporting the concept of a guaranteed minimum income
“Moving Forward on Poverty” event in Cobourg highlights “social enterprise”

Across the Country

Report: Two-thirds of First Nations children in Saskatchewan live in poverty
Quebec pledges $45 million for youth unemployment; critics call it workfare.
Two meals a day: People with disabilities live on less as prices in Vancouver rise
Massive Employment Insurance claims jumps in oil-dependent provinces
Alberta Premier Notley gets no firm commitment from Trudeau on Employment Insurance pleas
Saskatchewan Premier Wall meets with Trudeau on Employment Insurance
EI rise in Oshawa largest of any area in Ontario
Chamber of Commerce says tent city is bad for Victoria businesses
Councillor in Kamloops, BC, wants Council to offer free bus passes to new refugees
Report: BC’s minimum wage is far too low; workers in Kamloops need a living wage
New Canada Child Benefit lowers living wage throughout BC
Saint John mayoralty candidates debate city’s poverty situation


CPI rose 1.3% in March; food prices rose 3.6%, led by vegetables and fresh fruit
Average Canadian paycheque little changed at $954
Wall Street Journal chief economics commentator says Canada can safely take on more debt
Canadian corporate investment in tax havens is at an all-time high
Meanwhile, tax evasion prosecutions in Canada fall dramatically
Did this company engineer the largest tax dodge in Canadian history?
Top 5 tax havens of Canadian tax dodgers
Finance Minister Morneau on future tax changes and CPP reform
Premier Wynne doubts Trudeau can reach deal on expanding CPP
Federal study shows RESP benefit mostly accrues to higher income Canadians
Federal government considers “asset recycling” like leasing public infrastructure, and using public pension funds to bankroll mounting infrastructure costs
Coyne: Funding government projects through public pension plans a terrible idea
Canada’s second-largest pension fund investing $3 billion in Montreal’s rail network
Should Canadian pension funds be investing in Canadian infrastructure?
Bank of Canada governor says low interest rates may be new normal
Long-term fix needed for Canada’s temporary foreign workers’ woes
Agreement signed to prohibit Canadian employers from specifying migrant workers by gender
Migrant Dreams: Migrant agricultural workers dreaming a better future
Canada’s uncomfortable reliance on migrant workers
Trades groups endorse maternal leave proposal
Fraser Institute report says 9/10 Canadians move out of the lowest income bracket within 10 years
Public policy in Canada “can’t ignore the facts of life”


The “sharing economy” doesn’t share the wealth
Documentary: Panama Papers: The shady world of offshore companies
They don’t just hide their money. Economist says most of billionaire wealth is unearned
Report to France’s Prime Minister on welfare review “paves the way” for basic income
What would happen if we just gave people money?
After one year, Seattle’s minimum wage hike hasn’t raised retail prices
Detroit has highest concentrated poverty rate among top 25 American metropolitan areas
Taking a “hard look” at welfare reform in the US
Lack of access to abortion leaves women in poverty
The welfare stigma that’s leaving the poorest in the UK homeless
The number of destitute people in UK “shocking”
New definitions of poverty are redefining financial hardship
FIFA sets up worker welfare body in advance of Qatar World Cup
Poll shows Australians want government to spend on welfare, not cut taxes

Jennefer Laidley of the
Income Security Advocacy Centre
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4. What's New in The Daily [Statistics Canada]:
--- Payroll employment, earnings and hours, February 2016 - April 28
Criminal victimization in the territories, 2014 - April 27
--- Study: Educational and labour market outcomes of childhood immigrants by admission class, 1980 to 2000 - April 25

What's new from The Daily:

Past issues of The Daily

[Statistics Canada ]

Statistics Canada
Release schedule for
The Daily:

April 28, 2016
Payroll employment, earnings and hours, February 2016
Average weekly earnings of non-farm payroll employees were $954 in February, little changed from the previous month (+0.3%) and from 12 months earlier (+0.4%). Earnings growth has levelled off since February 2015.

April 27, 2016
Criminal victimization in the territories, 2014
In 2014, close to 36,000 criminal incidents were reported by residents of the territories. Of these, the majority were non-violent (58%), including theft of personal property or household crimes. The remainder were violent crimes, specifically sexual assault, robbery and physical assault.

April 25, 2016
Study: Educational and labour market outcomes of childhood immigrants by admission class, 1980 to 2000
The educational attainment and earnings of immigrants who arrived in Canada before age 18 differ considerably by admission class.
The new study, "Educational and Labour Market Outcomes of Childhood Immigrants by Admission Class," examines the university completion rates and annual earnings of childhood immigrants when they were aged 25 to 44 in 2011. These individuals immigrated to Canada between 1980 and 2000.


Check past issues of The Daily:
Select day / month / year to access issues of The Daily going back to 1995.

StatCan Blog
The goal of the StatCan Blog is to pull back the curtain to explain some of the agency’s inner workings, and to show the links between quality statistics and the lives of Canadians.

The Daily
[Statistics Canada ]


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5. What's new from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

What's new from the
Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU):

May 1, 2016
What's new online this week:

Finland’s social climbers: How they’re fighting inequality with education, and winning
27 Apr 2016 | International
Recent Globe and Mail series, Unstuck, considers the stalling world economy and a frustrating lack of advancement in human progress and equality. This article explores Finland where national policy has been used to build a better pathway out of poverty and into a productive life through a re-engineered school and early education system that fills the gap between the rural poor and better-off urbanites.

Confronting the contradictions: A case study of early childhood teacher development in neo-liberal times
27 Apr 2016 | United States
2009 article presents a case study examining the impact of neo-liberal education reforms on a sample of early education teacher candidates. Analysis of how these pre-service educators are taught provides the opportunity to consider the practical and critical steps training programs might take to better prepare their candidates for confronting neo-liberal polices and market-based principles in the field of early childhood education and care. The author also considers that in doing so, teacher candidates can develop early learning experiences for their children that teach them to become engaged democratic citizens rather than compliant consumers within the neo-liberal state.

Quality early education for all: Fostering creative, entrepreneurial, resilient and capable learners
27 Apr 2016 | Australia and New Zealand
New report from the Mitchell Institute considers the mismatch between investment and opportunity in early childhood policy in Australia. The authors assert that current policy settings are not meeting the needs of the children who stand to benefit most. The report aims to inform priorities for action for the next five years.

Closing the pension gap: Understanding women’s attitudes to pension saving
27 Apr 2016 | Europe
New research report from Fawcett [U.K.] examines why women often save less than men. The study reveals that women in their twenties and thirties are under saving for their pensions and may be at risk of poverty in retirement because they put their own needs last and take full responsibility for childcare costs. Researchers found that many women had cut their own pensions contributions to cover the costs of childcare or as a result of taking time out of work to look after children. Recommendations include ensuring the true cost of having a family is shared between the couple and does not fall primarily on the main carer who is usually a woman.

MORE research, policy & practice

2. Child care in the news:
- archive of news articles about early childhood education and child care (ECEC) in Canada and abroad

It's time to rip the band-aid off Canada's daycare crisis

27 Apr 2016 | Canada

Beausoleil daycare may not reopen under city management, councillors told
27 Apr 2016 | Quebec

Ottawa braces for $2.2M childcare subsidy shortfall
27 Apr 2016 | Ontario

P.E.I. childcare subsidy program cut again
27 Apr 2016 | Prince Edward Island

Paternity leave in Canada might get much needed revamp
27 Apr 2016 | Canada

MORE child care in the news


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6. Poverty Dispatch: U.S. media coverage of social issues and programs
(Institute for Research on Poverty - University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Poverty Dispatch (U.S.)
The Poverty Dispatch is a daily scan of U.S. web-based news items dealing with topics such as poverty, welfare reform, child welfare, education, health, hunger, Medicare and Medicaid, etc.. The Dispatch is distributed by the Institute for Research on Poverty, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. News articles from online newspapers are tagged with more specific keywords relevant to each article.

Click the link above, then (on the next page) select a date on the calendar to see media items for that date.

7. Child Rights Information Network - CRIN

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)
CRIN is a global children’s rights advocacy network. Established in 1995, we press for rights - not charity - and campaign for a genuine shift in how governments and societies view and treat children. We link to nearly 3,000 organisations that between them work on children’s rights in every country in the world and rely on our publications, research and information sharing.

Our Vision
CRIN envisions a world in which every child enjoys all their human rights guaranteed by the United Nations, regional organisations and national governments.


27 April 2016 - CRINMAIL issue 1477
In this issue:
Latest news and reports
- Children in detention
- Girls' bodily integrity
- Child marriage and refugees
- Gender discrimination
Minimum ages: The minimum age of marriage
Upcoming events
Also in this issue:
World news
- Challenging violations
- Take action
- Campaigns


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Children's rights Wiki - from CRIN
The Children's Rights Wiki assembles all information about children's rights in every country in one place. The purpose of the project is to make the huge volume of information that exists on children's rights more accessible, assist children's rights advocates in identifying persistent violations, and inspire collective action. This is a web-based, multi-lingual and interactive project.


Canada and Children's Rights
- from the Children's Rights Wiki


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