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Most recent update : June 4, 2013

Actually, it's not really Daniel's page as such - it's the page that keeps my son, Daniel Séguin,
coming back to see what new embarrassing photos and other stuff Pops (that's me) might post here from time to time...

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Dan and his charming wife Alicia , taken when they visited Ottawa in May 2013.
They reside just East of Kootenay Lake in BC, at the
Yasodhara Ashram.

Daniel in Beautiful BC!
(December 2012)
Daniel and Tommy
Daniel and Tommy

(one of Pops' and Anne's three kitties)

Master's Convocation - Concordia
Dan & Pops - November 20/06

Master's Convocation - Concordia
[ Human Systems Intervention ]


Great White Fisherman
Daniel The Great White Fisherman!

(selected photos from our August 2006 fishing trip)


Dan The Grad
June 2004: B.A

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More B.A. Convocation photos (8 photos)

Pops and Yves in Montreal at the same time!
(Some time in the fall of 2001...)
Les trois mousquetaires...
Les trois crisse de fous

Also, check out
Yves' Snowboard Photography site - G1

Yves' original web site was designed by Daniel, and what a thing of beauty it was.
Since then, Yves has apparently moved up in the world --- and I guess he figured he was getting too BIG for the cute little site that Dan built.
Well, pooh-pooh to you, Monsieur Garneau.

March 2002

Visiting with Yves in Verbier, Switzerland, just hangin' an' shreddin' in the Alps...

Besides Human Systems Intervention and computer/internet geek stuff, Daniel's into rock-climbing, having scaled the perilous heights of Washington State's Mount Rainier during the summer of 1998
But then, he always was an outdoorsy kinda guy, even as a kid...
(cute, too)

How outdoorsy, you ask?
Well, I remember his earliest canoeing and diving experiences as if they were only yesterday...
Here, just a second - I think I've got a photo or two.
Hang on...

And I was pleased to be there with my little camera when he caught his first fish.
(Well, OK, maybe it wasn't his FIRST fish, but it was certainly among his first fish...)


Click on the photo or the link below to see a group photo from Daniel's stint
as GO (staff) at Club Med Eleuthera during the winter of 1995-96.

Larger version of this photo

TEL PÈRE (like father...)

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