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Canadian history links - this link takes you further down on the page you're now reading - is a public photo gallery hosting pictures of Canada by photographers of all skill levels.


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The links on this page are organized in reverse order, with the most recent additions at the top

Famous Canadians - Canadian Hall of Fame
This infographic is a virtual Canadian Hall of Fame and includes influential Canadians who have contributed to scientific and social development, economic security and prosperity, and the creative arts (along with) famous sports stars, scientists, politicians, and singers who became successful in their field. (...) This infographic was designed to show visitors that Canada is the home to influential people who were visionaries and history-makers.

Canada Questions and Answers is an informational resource developed by Art Branch Inc. [ ] and designed to offer unbiased information on anything Canadian. Art Branch Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario, is the parent company of and has developed several consumer websites targeting both the Canadian and international audience.

Top 20 Most Popular Canadian Websites

An American's Guide to Canada
Most Americans know next to nothing about their neighbo(u)r to the north, except that Canadians play a lot of hockey, drink beer, and end sentences with "eh?" These pages, written by an American who has been living in Canada since 1992, are intended to give Americans a better idea just what goes on in the Great White North.
NOTE: Some of the site content dates back to late 2000 and other pages were last updated in 2005, but I nonetheless recommend this site as a primer on many aspects of life in Canada. Required reading for any American who is preparing for an interview with Rick Mercer on Talking to Americans [ 43-minute video ][ seven minute video ].
The site content is quite informative, and it has links to related resources, but it's also funny ("Thrills gum is a purple gum that looks like Chiclets but tastes like soap.")

Here's a sampling of the links on the home page of the American's Guide to Canada:
* True Facts (e.g., "Canadians consume more Kraft Dinner per capita than any other nationality on Earth.")
* Canadianisms (e.g., "joual : A Quebec working-class dialect that's a striking mix of English and French. Varies from region to region. Sometimes called Frenglish.")
* How to tell you're in Canada (e.g., "When you step on someone's foot, he apologizes.")
[Gilles' footnote : Canadians DON'T say "Oot and aboot". Ever.]

Links to Canadian Government and Other Government Information and Accountability Sites on the Internet
* General Canadian Government and Parliament Websites
* Finding Canadian Constitution, Laws, Bills, Budgets and Policies
* Canadian Police and Prosecutors
* Canadian Courts, Tribunals and Commissions
* Laws from Countries Around the World
* Canadian Governments' General Democratic Reform / Accountability Websites
* Canadian Government Public Consultation Websites
* Canadian Election Laws and Election System Reform
* Donations to Canadian and U.S. Political Parties / Candidates
* Government Ethics Laws, Rules and Enforcement Systems
* Canadian Government Whistleblower Protection Laws and Enforcement Systems
* Canadian Federal Government Cabinet Appointments
* Canadian and U.S. Lobbying Laws and Registries
* Canadian Government Access to Information Websites
* Canadian Federal Government Spending Websites
* Canadian Federal Political Parties
* Other General Websites for Canadian Governments and Politics
Democracy Watch

About Canada
Selected web resources that provide information about Canada:
Anthems and Symbols
Arts, Culture and Heritage
Economy, Money and Taxes
Images of Canada
Maps and Time Zones
Natural Environment and Resources
Peace and Security
Provinces and Territories
Public Holidays and National Events
Science and Technology
Travel and Tourism

The Canada Site
(Govt. of Canada Home Page)

The Federation at a Glance:
* About Canada
* Provinces and Territories
* Canadian Federalism
* History
Privy Council Office (PCO)

The Virtual Museum of Canada

A collection of collections, the Virtual Museum of Canada has items from many different museums across Canada. It can also help those who want to visit offline, as the site also includes museum news and details for those who want to visit Canada's museums. The "Virtual Exhibits", "Image Gallery", and "Teachers' Centre" tabs near the top of the homepage should not be missed. The "Virtual Exhibits" have a variety of different offerings, including exhibits on war orphans from the Holocaust, a Cariboo civilization, and a history of Olympic bids. In the "Image Gallery", a thumbnail of each image or object is provided along with its title and clickable link to the museum where it came from. Visitors should click on "More" or just on the image, to read details about the item and see an enlarged version of it. There are over 780,000 images to view, so visitors might want to bookmark the site for subsequent visits. The "Teachers' Centre" contains "Lesson Plans", "Featured Museum Learning Resources", and the ability to browse all the learning resources for grades one through university levels, and even adult learners.
Reviewed by:
The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2009.

Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) - Canada
"The Centre for the Study of Living Standards is a non-profit, national, independent organization that seeks to contribute to a better understanding of trends in and determinants of productivity, living standards and economic and social well-being through research."

The International Productivity Monitor is published by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) for Industry Canada. The objective of the Monitor is to focus attention on the importance of productivity for improving living standards and quality of life. The Monitor publishes high-quality articles on productivity issues, trends and developments in Canada and other countries and serves as a vehicle for the international discussion of productivity topics.

Index of Economic Well-being
Has economic well-being increased or decreased in recent years, and is it higher or lower in one country compared to others? Traditionally these questions have been answered by looking at trends in and comparisons of GDP per capita, but this is a poor measure of economic well-being. It measures consumption incompletely, ignoring the value of leisure and longer life spans, and it also ignores the value of accumulation for future generations. Furthermore, since it is an average, GDP per capita gives no indication of the likelihood that an individual will share in prosperity nor of the degree of anxiety with which individuals contemplate their futures."
- incl. links to:
Introduction and Methodology - The Index for Canada -The Index for Canada and the United States - The Index for Canada and the Provinces - The Index for OECD Countries - An Index of Labour Market Well-being - Weighting tool for Canada and OECD Countries.

From Academic Info:

* Canadian Studies Links & General Resources
* Canadian Studies - Directory of Online Resources on Canada
* Canadian Organizations, Associations, Centres & Societies
Subject Guides & Online Degrees
"Educational resources and subject guides since 1998"
AcademicInfo is an online education resource center with extensive subject guides and distance learning information. Our mission is to provide free, independent and accurate information and resources for prospective and current students (and other researchers). AcademicInfo was founded in 1998 by Mike Madin, a librarian coordinator, and is now maintained by multiple contributors. We currently feature over 25,000+ hand-picked resources and update the website on a daily basis.

* Subject Guides
* Educational Resources
* Online Degrees
* About & Help

The World Factbook : Canada
- incl. entries under the following headings:
* Geography * People * Government * Economy * Communications * Transportation - Military * Transnational Issues
CIA: The World Factbook
[ Central Intelligence Agency ]

Canada - from The World Bank Group
- incl. Canada and the World Bank Group - News & Events - Students and Youth - Academics and Researchers - Business Community - Civil Society - Media - Parliamentarians - Development Assistance from Canada - Contacts and Data
NOTE : On the Trading Economics website home page, you'll find info for different regions of the world and for each of 232 countries on the following : * GDP Billions US$ * GDP Growth * Interest rate * Inflation rate * Jobless rate * Gov. Budget * Exchange rate * Population

"Trading Economics provides its users with accurate information for 232 countries including historical data for more than 300.000 economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices. Our data is regularly checked for inconsistencies and based on official sources; with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, central banks and national statistics bureaus being the most important. has received more than 10 million page views from more than 200 countries."

Canada Country Report - from The Project on Human Development (Boston University)
[select Canada from the list of countries]

Canada Country Analysis Brief - from the U.S. Dept. of Energy
- incl. Background | Oil | Natural Gas Coal | Electricity | Environment | Profile | Links

Canada Country Information - from

GeoSearch - from Statistics Canada
"GeoSearch makes it easy to find any place in Canada, see it on a map, and get basic Census data for that place."

Canada Year Book Historical Collection (1867 to 1967) - from Statistics Canada
The Canada Year Book Historical Collection is a wealth of historical data in digitized format compiled from 100 years of the Agency's annual Canada Year Book (CYB).This new module, available free of charge on our website, covers the first century of Canadian history following Confederation in 1867, through to 1967, with historical text, tables, charts and maps. It is supplemented by interconnected learning resources for students and teachers.
- contains 100+ photos and nearly 50 maps dating back to 1868, as well as over 75 charts and 1,200 tables. Completing the picture are multimedia extras, such as newspaper clippings, video clips and posters. There are details on the lives and work of politicians, industrialists, scientists, agriculturalists and others who shaped the land, economy and society of Canada.

Browse the collection by year
- 1867 to 1967

Browse the collection by topic
*Changing families and households * Lives of men and women * Occupations * Economic gains * The Great Depression * Communications * Ethnocultural diversity * Provinces and manufacturing * Immigration and emigration * Canada at war

Population & dwelling counts (2001 Census) - from Statistics Canada
- available for a wide range of standard geographic areas

Vive le Canada
"The mission of Vive le Canada is to involve Canadians in grassroots efforts to protect and improve Canadian sovereignties and democracy in the era of corporate globalization and U.S. empire, especially using existing and emerging communications tools. (...) Our goal is to focus on creating and running grassroots campaigns aimed at protecting and improving Canadian democracy (rather than the interests of corporations), and informing Canadians about popular sovereignty issues and globalisation."
- incl. links to the following topic areas: Action Items - Canadian Dimension - Canadian News - Culture - David Orchard - Democracy - Duncan Cameron - Election - Environment - Eye on Uncle Sam - First Nations - Foreign Ownership - General News - Globalisation - Immigration - Labour - Mel Hurtig - Our Civil Liberties - Paul Harris - Petitions - Politics - Posters etc. - Press - Privatisation - Reading - Robin Mathews - Ron Dart - Site News - Sovereignty Watch - Spin Remedy - Suggestion Box - The Border - The Pulpit - Volunteer - War and Peace - Women - Zero for Conduct

CanadianContent - " Informative passage to the world and to Canada's Internet"

Francophonies canadiennes, identités culturelles
[this site is available in French only]
- Ontario, Acadie, Ouest-Nord-Ouest, Québec (à venir)

Canadian Constitutional Documents
Unlike the majority of countries whose basic law derives from one document, Canada's basic law derives not only from a set of documents known as Constitution Acts, but also a set of unwritten laws and conventions. This comprises of all the acts passed since 1867 up to and including 2001. As a result, all constitutional documents during that time period have the force of law. This is analogous to laying a foundation (Constitution Act, 1867) and then building upon it and modifying it as the need arises (the successive Acts and Orders). This site provides free access to these documents.

National Atlas of Canada Online

Canadian Heritage Gallery

Directory of Web resources relevant to Canadian Studies

Canada Online - from - News From Across Canada

Yahoo Canada's Directory of Canadian Sites and search engine for Canadian sites
Yahoo's Canadian Listings

Association for Canadian Studies (ACS)
The Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) is a learned society which initiates and supports activities in the eh-reas of research, teaching, communications, and the training of students in the field of Canadian Studies, especially in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives. The ACS also strives to raise public awareness of Canadian issues, and provides the Canadian Studies community, principally within Canada, with a wide range of activities and programmes.

Well Known People Who Happen to be Canadian
- incl. links to info about Canadians who are : Actors - Actresses - Artists - Astronauts - Athletes - Authors - Business People - Comedians - Directors/Producers - Entertainers - Journalists - Miscellaneous - Musicians - Scientists

Scholarly Societies Project - University of Waterloo

McGill Institute for the Study of Canada
McGill University

Canadian Studies Program
Department of Canadian Heritage

Institute of Intergovernmental Relations [IIR] (Queen's University)
"The Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen's University is Canada's premier university-based centre for research on all aspects of federalism and intergovernmental relations, both in Canada and in countries around the world."


International Council for Canadian Studies
The International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) is a federation of twenty national and multi-national Canadian Studies associations, governed by an Executive Council and an elected four-member Executive Committee. Its mandate is to promote and support research, education and publications in all fields of Canadian Studies and in all countries.

National Library and Archives Canada
Library and Archives Canada collects and preserves Canada's documentary heritage, and makes it accessible to all Canadians. This heritage includes publications, archival records, sound and audio-visual materials, photographs, artworks, and electronic documents such as websites.

Canadian Studies Research Guide - from Yale University

Canajun, eh?

Bryan Adams.Com

The Rick Mercer Report

Canadian History Links

Excellent Canadian history site, plenty of interactive features, plenty of interesting content!

Canada - from Background Country Notes (U.S. Department of State)
- Individual detailed reports (various dates) for close to 200 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, including
- info included in each country report: People - History - Government - Political Conditions - Economy - Foreign Relations - U.S. Relations - Travel/Business
:U.S. Department of State - A Guide to Women in Canadian History
"I believe there are some amazing women in Canadian history that most Canadians know nothing about. So I decided to try and change the situation by writing a book and developing a website which would serve as a guide to the topic of women in Canadian history."
- site developed by Canadian historian Merna Forster
- incl. links to: Home | About | Meet the Author | Contact | Site Map | Heroines | Biographies | Group Histories | Pictures | Cartoons | Posters | Stamps | Statues | Currency | Historic Sites | Women's History Month | Time Travel | This Month in History | Books | Shop | Classroom | Films&Videos | Related Links | Upcoming | Latest News

Portals to the World - Canada
- incl. Site Directories - History - Government and Law - Literature and Culture - News and Current Events - Libraries and Archives - Business and Residential Directories - Universities
Portals to the World - links to similar information for 200+ countries!
[ Library of Congress ]

Canada in the Making
"Built around the Government Documents collection of the Early Canadiana Online collection, [this site] integrates narrative text with links to primary source texts. This site is has been designed for students and teachers of Canadian studies, history and law, but will also be useful to researchers and anyone else interested in Canada's past.
It includes: Thematic narratives (Canada's Constitutional History, Aboriginals: Treaties and Relations) * Thematic narratives covering Canada's constitutional history * Expanded texts on key events and issues * Links to over 200 digitized documents to illustrate key points * Summaries of over 190 key historical documents * Over 125 historical images and maps * 21 lesson plans and ideas for educators (and more coming!) * Links to reliable sources of historical information on the Internet."

Constitutional history
"The story of the Canadian Constitution is far more than the history of the Constitution Act, 1867, : which was once called the British North America Act, or even the Canada Act, 1982 and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. These documents, while important, tell only a portion of the story. It begins long before Canada was formed as a nation, in Britain, France and among the Aboriginal peoples of North America.
This section of the Canada in the Making site will link the events and trends in Canada's past with the government documents that illustrate the story."

Aboriginal Treaties and Relations
"Since the time of European First Contact, the course of Aboriginal history in Canada has been deeply altered by relations with Europeans and the laws they imposed on aboriginals - laws like the Indian Act. Furthermore, major and minor treaties played a significant and important role in charting the course of European - Aboriginal relations within the country.This section of the Canada in the Making site will look at these treaties and laws, and the events that preceded and followed these changes."

Canada - from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
- includes a timeline of Canadian historical events from 1497 to 2006

Canada - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
- incl. * Origin and history of the name * History * Government * Law * Foreign relations and military * Provinces and territories * Geography and climate * Economy * Demographics * Language * Culture * International rankings * References * Notes * External links
Thousands of articles, organized by various regional and topical categories including information about people, business, multiculturalism, history and Canadian values.

Browse the Library and Archives Canada collection by topic:
* Aboriginal Peoples * Art and Photography * Biography/People * Black History * Disasters * Exploration and Settlement * Film * Gardening * Judaica * Labour * Literature * Music * National Identity * Newspapers * Philately and Postal History * Politics and Government * Printing and Publishing * Sports * Theatre * Transportation and Travel * UFOs * War and Military
Library and Archives Canada

The Canadian Encyclopedia
One-volume online reference to Canada authored by over 4,000 Canadians. 

- features more than 10,000 articles written by a broad base of Canadians who are experts in their individual subjects. In addition to entries written in  hypertext format with bibliographies, the encyclopedia offers interactive elements, such as statistical graphs, multimedia presentations of key historical events, quizzes and games, student guides, monthly topical features, and more. The encyclopedia is accessible in French and English.

CanadaInfo is almost 300 pages of information about Canada - its government, history, facts, people, security, geography, provinces, symbols, and more. Browse through statistics, maps, and photographs and then choose from dozens of fact sheets to download to your computer.

Academic Info : Canadian Studies
- incl. links to : Indexes & Directories - Reference Shelf - Digital Library - Libraries & Print Archives - Museums - Law & Government - Canadian History - Canadian First Nations - Religion in Canada - Québec - Organizations
Great collection, excellent content.
Here's a sample :
Canadian History Online

Income Security Programs for Workers in North America
NOTE : this Canada-U.S.-Mexico comparison is undated,
but it appears to have been written in 1997
A Reference Manual for Workers and Employers
"...summarizes the main income support programs for workers in the private sector under the laws of Canada, Mexico and the United States. The manual's objective is to provide
employees and employers with basic information regarding the main income security programs for workers provided in their respective countries."
- incl. info about : Temporary Income Support for Unemployed Workers - Injuries at Work and Job-related Illness - Maternity Leave and Sickness Unrelated to the Job - Wages and Salaries - Income Support Programs for Low-income Groups or Disabled Workers - Income Tax Credits and Other Tax Deductions
NOTE: don't bother looking here for a comparison of North American welfare systems --- Canadian social assistance and the National Child Benefit are described in section 5 ("Income Support Programs for Low-income Groups or Disabled Workers"), but Temporary Assistance for Families with Dependent Children (TANF), the U.S. welfare system is only mentioned in terms of eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid and the Mexican section covers only some emergency food and health programs.

200+ links to Canadian, American and Mexican sites about the
North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation and the North American Free Trade Agreement
- links incl. NAALC Members [Labor Departments] - National Administrative Offices - Labor Legislation - Official Statistical Resources - Federal Government Resources - NAFTA Institutions - NAFTA Resources - Statistical Sources - Trade and Treaty Resources - Multilateral Organizations [Americas / International] - Non-Governmental Organizations - Research Centers and Institutes - Labor Relations Boards - Labor Federations - Employers' Associations

Commission for Labor Cooperation (Washington)
"The Commission for Labor Cooperation is an international organization created under the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation (NAALC). The NAALC is the first agreement, and the Commission is the first organization, linking labor rights and labor standards to an international trade agreement."

Political Databases of the Americas (Mexico - Latin America)
* Constitutions and Comparative Constitutional Study
* Executive Branch
* Legislative Branch
* Judicial Branch
* Electoral Systems and Data
* Political Parties
* Decentralization and Local Governance
* Democracy and Citizen Security
* Indigenous Peoples and Democracy
* Civil Society
* Links

Public Policy Forum - "Striving for Excellence in Government"
Founded in 1987, the Public Policy Forum provides a neutral venue where the public sector can meet and exchange ideas with representatives from all sectors of society - business, labour, academe, government, the voluntary sector, and the media. (150 participating organizations).
- incl. links to : About the Forum - Strategic themes - Events - Publications - Speeches - Testimonial Dinner - E-Forum

North-South Institute - "Research For A Fairer World" (Canada)
"For more than 20 years, the North-South Institute (NSI) has built a reputation for sound research and analysis of Canadian foreign policy, offered an independent voice on the urgent importance of world development issues, and brought those issues before the Canadian public and decision makers. Established in 1976, it is the only independent, non-governmental research institute in Canada focused on international development."

Canadian Foundation for the Americas
"The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) is an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to deepening and strengthening Canada’s relations with countries in Latin America and the Caribbean through policy discussion and analysis. FOCAL’s mission is to develop a greater understanding of important hemispheric issues and to help build a stronger community of the Americas."




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