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Canadian Social Research Links Wish List
(as in, "I wish I had more time/resources to...")

Canadian Social Research Links is a one-person volunteer operation.
I have to budget my time, so I have to make some choices along the way.

The list below includes many theme areas that I just haven't had time (and, in some cases, the inclination so far...) to develop. It's not that I consider these areas of lesser importance - this website started in 1997 as a collection of links related to provincial/territorial welfare programs, and has been expanding ever since. But there's only one of me, and only so many hours in a day.

If you send me e-mail suggesting links from one of the themes below, I *may* have to send you one of my tactfully-worded "sorry-but-I-have-to-budget-my-time-working-on-the-site-so-I-haven't-gotten-to-that-yet-and-heck-I'm-not-sure-I-ever-will" replies. Then again, I may think that your link suggestion is the best thing since buttered bread and feel compelled to add it to my site; that's the beauty of a being a one-person show...


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Wish List of areas to explore and possibly add to Canadian Social Research Links
when I acquire new resources or figure out how to get by on less sleep...

University research in the social sciences

- I do have a page of links to universities and colleges that includes a few samples of scholarly writing on social issues and a few university social research centres, but the collection of links that I've included in my site to university research barely scrapes the surface of what's out there.

Media coverage of social issues (daily media headlines, archives, discussion forums, etc.)

- I do have a (modest) page of links to Canadian media, but it would be nice to be able to offer daily Canadian social research media updates, like the Poverty Dispatch from the University of Wisconsin and more detailed media analysis. Bourque NewsWatch is a Canadian news monitoring service worth checking out, although it focuses more on political news than on social research...

Child Welfare

- this site has several pages of assorted links to child, family and youth issues - Canadian (national) government , Canadian NGO and International - but the content is pretty disorganized. The Child Welfare Resource Centre (CWRC)* is an excellent starting point for child welfare research, and the Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare houses a vast repository of child welfare reports and resources.
*NOTE: on December 20/07, the CRWC website link took me to an error page that said: "can't find the server at". If the link to the home page isn't reactivated when you click, try going to and entering the CWRC's domain name ( in the "Wayback Machine" box's home page. On the results page, you'll see links to the latest versions of the entire (or most of ) the content from the website on the date that you select.

Family violence

... but you'll find some relevant links in the Children, Families and Youth Links (Can. Government) page and the Children, Families and Youth Links (Can. NGO) page

Provincial/Territorial Welfare Reforms

- there's actually a page on this site called Welfare Reforms in Canada that I highly recommend (natch...), but I'd like to have some time to add links to information about significant historical reforms of the income support system in each jurisdiction, even some going back to the late eighties...

Funding Programs, fund-raising events and awareness-raising events

- see the Sources of Funding page from CharityVillage

Community Economic Development

- See CEDTAP - The Community Economic Development Technical Assistance Program (Toronto)

Employment - job listings - employment assistance - labour market information

(See a short collection of links to labour market and job information among my Human Resources and Social Development Canada links)

Interactivity - Canadian Social Research Forum/LISTSERV, online real-time research advice, polls and surveys...

Better organization of site content (structure content on each page by organization rather than in chaotic reverse chronological order)

Newsletter - separate English and French versions, broader newsletter promotion

Alcoholism, drug policy, non-prescription use of drugs


Environmental issues

Immigration - multiculturalism - visible minorities - racism

Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual Issues

Mental health (although you'll find a lot of pertinent links on the homelessness links page)


Social Inclusion/Exclusion

Social Work, Sociology, Political Science and other human/social sciences

Workers' Compensation

Corrections - the penal system in Canada - young offenders - crime prevention through social intervention

News articles, university theses (links to full-text copies)

Plus de liens et de commentaires en français


Links Submission Guidelines - please read before you send me link suggestions...



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