The Harper Government™ Alphabet of Shame

Latest update: March 17, 2015
By Gilles Seguin

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* Aboriginal Peoples / First Nations

------ promotion of and financial support for aboriginal education:

------ Harper Tells AFN Chief: There Will Be No Movement On First Nations Education Plan

------ Aboriginal Organizations Hit With $60 Million In Cuts:

------ Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada (Govt. report):

------ Harper shows lack of respect:
See also Blackstock, Cindy (below)

* Abortion laws

------ How the abortion debate has reared its head in Parliament:

* Accountability Act (federal)

------ Federal Accountability Act Introduced (April 11, 2006):

------ Federal Accountability Act:
Wikipedia :

------ Canadian Bar Association critique:

* Adams, Eve (See Dimitri Soudas)

------ Liberals’ Eve Adams play a defensive move in attack-ad war:

* Agenda, Harper

------ The Harper agenda prevails, whether he wins or loses:

* Anders, Rob:

------ Ten Reasons why Rob Anders is Canada's worst M.P.:

* Attack Ads:

------ Justin Trudeau Attack Ads:

* Attawapiskat:

------ All About Attawapiskat:

------ Ottawa demanding that Attawapiskat repay $1.8M in housing money:



* Baird, John ("Pitbull")

------ John Baird resigns: 'You need to be defined by your values ...":

------ The quotable John Baird, 2006-2015:

------ Paul Wells (Maclean's) on the departure of John Baird:

------ John Baird's shoes won't be hard to fill:

------ Harper's pit bull leaves big hole:

------ Good riddance, John Baird:

* Bernier, Maxime

------ Maxime Bernier

* Blackstock, Cindy

----- Cindy Blackstock is the Executive Director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada.

* Brazeau, Senator Patrick

------ Suspended Senator Brazeau leaves rehab for a second time:

------ Patrick Brazeau, suspended Canadian senator (Wikipedia):
(Scroll to the bottom of the Brazeau Wikipedia entry for links to 40 more online resources)

* Budgets and omnibus bills

------ Harper’s Ottawa is Omnibusted:

------ Ottawa wrong to ram through omnibus budget bills judge):



* C-51, Bill

------ Bill C-51: 4 Former PMs Call For Better Intelligence Accountability:

------ Critics warn Bill C-51 not receiving the scrutiny it needs:

* Cadman, Chuck

----- Stephen Harper, Duffygate and the Cadman Affair: grounds for criminal charges?

* Canada Pension Plan Reform

------ Flaherty blocks CPP improvement plans: provinces:

------ The great pension divide: an in-depth look:

* Carson, Bruce

------ Bruce Carson, former PMO staffer, faces new charges:

* CBC : The slow erosion of our last cross-country connection

------ Journalists : CBC Should Remain Free Of Political Interference:

------ Friends of Canadian Broadcasting:

* Census long form questionnaire

------ Harper favours ideology over sociology:

------ 500+ links to related resources:

* Charter of Rights and Freedoms

------ Ignoring anniversary of, & generally undermining the Charter:

------ Lawyers group : Harper not living up to duty to protect Charter:

* Child care : $5 billion national child care plan scrapped in favour of selective and parsimonious Universal child care benefit

------ One more year without a national child care program:

Child poverty, NOT a federal responsibility!

----- Federal minister says child poverty falls under provincial jurisdiction

* China

------ Selling out to China:

------ Harper deals with China, raises human rights issues:

* Clement, Tony - See Muskoka, Gazebos

* Climate change denial

------ Six possible reasons why Harper denies climate change:

* Communications

------ Losing a press flack or two is reasonable. Losing eight looks careless:

* Contempt of Parliament

------ Conservatives ruled in contempt of Parliament:

* Corporations heart Cons (and vice versa!)

------ Canada's Tax Burden Shifting From Corporations Onto People:

* Crime Rates Down? Get Down on Crime!

------ Crime rate plunging, incarceration rates skyrocketing:

* Culture of intimidation

------ Harper's divisive tactics are damaging Canadian civility:



* Deficit:
------ By 1993, the Cons under Mulroney ran up a $38 Billion deficit.
By 2006, under the Libs, this was turned into a $16 Billion surplus.
By 2010, Harper had run up a $56 Billion deficit.

* Del Mastro, Dean

------ The Totally Wonderful Downfall of Dean Del Mastro:

* Democracy Under Fire

------ Harper History, Part 1 - The Early Years:

------ Harper History, Part 2 – In Opposition:

------ Harper History, Part 3 - First Con Minority:

NOTE : The third part was posted on Feb. 22; Check the source link below for postings since that date.

----- 13 examples of the Harper government's anti-democratic abuses

* Dictatorship, The Harper

----- Canada’s Elected Dictatorship

* Dismantling social programs

------ Conservatives dismantling social programs built over generations:

* Drug War, Harper's Failed
------ As U.S. pulls back, Canada continues the War on Drugs:

* Duffy, Mike ("The Ole Duff")

------ As Duffy’s day in court draws closer, Harper loyalists should worry:

------ The Mike Duffy-Stephen Harper battle could end poorly for both :



* Economic Action Plan ads

------ ‘Economic Action Plan’ ads are wasteful taxpayer-funded Conservative propaganda :

* Election fraud

------ Robocalls Election Fraud Ruling Prompts Calls For Accountability:

* Employment insurance

------ Harper government’s EI changes could cost Canada thousands of jobs: Budget watchdog:

* Environmental/ecological damage

------ Crimes Against Ecology : Is the Harper government guilty? You be the judge:

* Experimental Lakes Research

------ Experimental Lakes Area Shuttered By Tories:



* F-35 fiasco

------ The F-35 Has Turned Into A Trillion-Dollar Fiasco:

----- F-35 procurement woes could disrupt relationships with allies:

* Family Tax Cut (a.k.a. income-splitting)

------ Stephen Harper announces family tax cut, child care benefit boost:

* Fantino, Julian

----- Troubled Fantino dropped as Veterans Minister ahead of election:

* Fascism, 14 Signs of

------ Is Stephen Harper displaying fascist-like tendencies?:

* Federal-provincial relations : all bilateral, all adversarial, all the time.

------ Harper’s “open federalism”:

------ Growing tensions between Ottawa and the provinces:

* Finley, Diane

----- Diane Finley broke conflict rules in Markham project, watchdog finds

* Flanagan, Tom

------ ‘Stephen is a predator.’ Lunch with Tom Flanagan:

------ How Tom Flanagan went from respected political scientist to pariah:

* Ford, Rob

----- Rob Ford & Stephen Harper - BBQ "Hat Trick"



* Gazebos, Tony Clements - See Muskoka Gazebos

* G20 police violence

G20 report slams police for 'excessive' force:

* Guergis, Helena (See Rahim Jaffer)

------ Ethics commissioner finds Guergis broke rules:



* Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) cuts

------ Harper's Sales Tax: The PM and the HST:

------ Harper, why not? Here are 25 reasons (from 2011):

* Harper : Fascist or sociopath?

----- OMG - Stephen Harper is a Fascist???

----- OMG - Stephen Harper is a sociopath?

* Helicopter rides for Minister McKay

----- MacKay's helicopter story doesn't fly, MPs say:

* Helicopter procurement woes

----- Rescue Required: Canada’s Search-And-Rescue Aircraft Program



* Inequality of wealth and income

----- Income inequality nothing compared to wealth inequality in Canada: report

----- Canadian CEO Pay Climbs Twice As Fast As Average Worker's Since 2008

* Information, control and destruction of

----- Why is the Harper Administration Throwing Away Entire Libraries?

* International Humiliation re. Obligations and Covenants

----- Federal minister says child poverty falls under provincial (NOT federal) jurisdiction

----- UN Urges Canada to call inquiry into missing, murdered Native women

----- International Human Rights Organizations Take On Government of Canada in Homelessness Case

----- Canada rejects UN rights review of violence against aboriginal women

--- Canada Gives Human Rights the Cold Shoulder: Disgraceful Response to UN Human Rights Review Contains No New Commitments

----- Canada to UN: We'll decide what rights we will choose to observe...



* Jaffer, Rahim (Helena Guergis' Eye Candy)* jaffer* lobbying* rules_n_1144235.html

* Jobs? more like McJobs* growth* canada* statscan_n_3022239.html



* Keystone XL Tar Sands

----- Stephen Harper: Oil’s worst enemy

--- How Harper misread Obama and botched Keystone XL

* Koch brothers

----- Harper is right: Foreign radicals are after the oil sands (The Koch brothers)

----- Koch Brothers exposed

* Kinder Morgan

----- Five ways Stephen Harper made pipelines the most toxic issue in Canada today



* Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
[See F-35, above.]

* Long Gun Registry

----- Harper fears ‘back door’ resurrection of long-dead gun registry

--- Harper : "Bureaucrats want to bring long gun registry back"



* Media, control/muzzling of

--- How Harper controls the spin

----- Conservative government spends $20M on media monitoring

----- Today's media language a little too much like 1984's Newspeak

* Militarism vs peacekeeping

----- Stephen Harper, warmonger

----- Canada Day in Harperland: Militarism, militarism, militarism

--- Ralph Nader: Stephen Harper is selling the politics of fear

* Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada

----- Harper and aboriginals not in same room, let alone on same page

----- Stephen Harper's comments on missing, murdered aboriginal women show 'lack of respect'

* Muskoka, Gazebos (Tony Clement)

----- Gazebos and the governing morality

----- When building gazebos violates the public trust



* National Aboriginal Health Organization (R.I.P.)
The National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) closed on June 29, 2012.
All materials and resources were last updated at this time.
Its web site [ ] will remain available until December 22, 2017.

* National Council of Welfare (R.I.P.)

----- Federal budget 2012: Ottawa axes National Council of Welfare

* NGOs, now defunct, other

----- list of organizations whose funding has been cut or ended by the Harper government, including government agencies that supported civil society groups



* Omnibus budget bills

----- A Brief History of Harper’s Big Fat Omnibus Bills

----- Harper’s Ottawa is Omnibusted

* Oda, Bev and her $16 orange juice

----- Canada Minister Resigns After Buying $16 Orange Juice Outside Budget

* Open government

----- Welcome to Canada’s new Open Government portal.

----- Open Government, one year on

* Old Age Security qualifying age going from 65 to 67

----- Changes to the Old Age Security Program

----- Don’t cut OAS. Cut the need for it



* Prime Minister's Office (PMO) Duffy coverup

----- Duffy’s day in court is sure to shed light on Harper’s secretive PMO

* Page, Kevin : Parliamentary Budget Officer

----- Former Budget Watchdog Kevin Page on Canada's 'Grotesquely Wrong Elites'

----- Huffington Post Canada : HuffPost Kevin Page

* Privacy rights gutted by Bill C-51

----- Why The Anti-Terrorism Bill is Really an Anti-Privacy Bill

* Prorogations of Parliament

----- Harper delays Commons by a month

* Penitentiaries ($9 billion for more prisons)

----- Texas conservatives reject Harper's crime plan

----- Prison nation: What locking up more people is costing us

* Policy- based evidence making (vs evidence- based policy making)

----- Why Harper Hates Evidence-Based Data

* Pierre Poilievre ("Terrorism is caused by terrorists!")

----- Reaction to Pierre Poilievre on terrorists as 'root cause of terrorism'

* Public service cuts 19,200 positions

----- Public Service Cuts in 2012 Federal Budget

* Penashue, Peter

----- Peter Penashue Scandal (Huffington Post)

* Porter, Arthur (former head of Canada’s spy watchdog agency)

----- Arthur Porter: timeline of a corruption scandal

* Politics of fear:

----- Ralph Nader : Stephen Harper is selling the politics of fear



* Question Period

----- Harper government lets the Question Period farce play on



* Robocalls

* Rathgeber, Brent

I stand alone

(...) "I barely recognize ourselves (CPC), and worse, I fear that we have morphed into what we once mocked."




* Science spurned in favour of ideology; scientists muzzled and manipulated

----- Hundreds of World’s Scientists Ask Stephen Harper to Return Freedom to Science in Canada

* Safe Streets and Communities Act (mandatory sentencing)

----- Harper's 2004 Omnibus Crime Bill

----- Mandatory Minimums Sentences May Harm Some, Ottawa Says

* Senategate (Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau, Wright)

----- Senategate cheat sheet : Your guide to the scandal

* Senate Reform?

----- Canada's Senate Reform

* Sheikh, Munir

* Sona, Michael (Robocalls)

* Soudas, Dimitri (Eve Adams Eye Candy...)

----- It’s all about Eve’ now, but it could be all about Dimitri later, and that’s bad for Harper
* Supreme Court of Canada & Chief Justice bullied & slandered



* Transgressions, Harper Government™

----- ELECTION 2015: A Long List of the transgressions of the Harper government

* Transparency

----- Stephen Harper’s war on transparency (parliamentary budget officer)

* Tax Cuts
* Temporary Foreign Worker Program
* Tkachuk, Senator David



* Unions, War Against

* United Nations, recent reports critical of Canada's less than stellar record on children's rights, housing, food security and First Nations living conditions


* Voter Suppression

* Veterans, abandoned



* Women's Equality, Harper Government™ Unofficial Policy Regarding
[ ]

* Women's programs, Federal funding cuts since 2006

* Women, Stephen Harper's War Against
* Women’s Health Contribution Program terminated
* Status of Women gutted
* Universal Daycare scrapped
* Court Challenges Program Cancelled
* Women’s Right to Pay Equity Trashed
* Abortion left out of Canada’s G8 Maternal Health funding
* Fewer Women appointed to Cabinet than Previous Governments
* Wright, Nigel
* Wallin, Senator Pamela
* War of 1812, over $28 million wasted
------ Conservatives draw fire for War of 1812 spending

----- The Real Conservative Party Policy Regarding Women's Equality



* Xenophobia
Harper's rhetoric fuels racist and xenophobic expression



* Youth unemployment twice the national average
------ For young job seekers, it’s still a tough market:

* Young, Wai : the line between protest and terrorism



* Zajdel, Saulie (Montreal corruption)

----- Zajdel, Tory's "shadow candidate", now under the spotlight

----- The 'shadow MP,' his salary, and his pub stop with Stephen Harper

* Zaccardelli, Giuliano

----- Zaccardelli denies coverup in RCMP pension fund scandal

----- RCMP's embattled chief quits over Arar testimony


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