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Updated February 27, 2008

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Actually, this page has nothing whatsoever to do with social programs. 
It has to do with pages that make me wanna go GOTCHA!
*formerly the "Duh" page. 
Any resemblance to existing websites and/or organizations is totally intentional, and all comments are gratuitous.

Collage Loans
--- 'cuz I gots to go to collage to lurn to spel!

The same error appears three times in the snippet below.



How much was that LCD TV again?

This ad was included in a weekly e-mail sent to customers in October 2004 by a Canadian online computer shop - they sent out a revised version ("under $1500") within hours of this...


If you're putting together a page with any graphics, please remember that not everyone is surfing the net on a T3 line or some other broadband Internet connection.
Try to keep the size of graphic files reasonable - if necessary, use an online graphic optimizer (see the link below).
On March 31/04, I sent an e-mail message to the webmaster in the Saskatchewan Executive Council to suggest resizing of the photo of the Minister of Finance.
I didn't receive a reply, and the file wasn't changed.
My message is copied below.
Follow the links to see:
(1) how to use graphics ineffectively on your web page, and
(2) how to control filesize of your graphics so that other webmasters aren't compelled to use your site as an example of bad web design.


Subject: How many nosehairs?*
From: Gilles Seguin
Date: 31/03/2004

Hi, I just popped by to read the Finance Minister's bio on this page:

The accompanying photo was taking a long time to download on my cable Internet connection, so I checked the file size: 2.2MB
(2000X30000 pixels, large enough to count the Minister's nosehairs...)
[DEAD LINK - 02/08]

I'd suggest reducing the size and optimizing it using Netmechanic:

In Solidarity,
Gilles Seguin


*Update: February 27, 2008:
Governments come and go, and the old Finance Minister has moved on to greener pastures.
The new government website design team appears to understand the finer points of adjusting graphic file sizes; the new Saskatchewan Finance Minister's photo is just the right size.
Message to webmasters-who-know-dick-about-filesizes : you can run but you can't hide.
Because captures snapshots of websites at different points in time (read about here), I retrieved the link to the latest version of the Saskatchewan Finance website and found The Honourable Harry Van Mulligen (former SK Finance Minister) - in all his 2.2MB glory, for your viewing pleasure (17 nosehairs.)


And they called it puppy love...
[ ]

Paul Martin and George W. Bush at the
Special Summit of the Americas
Related Link:
Paul Martin and George Bush: Brothers in arms

(January 22, 2004)


SPAM - received January 16/04


The p·e·n·i·s·p·a·t·c·h - for people practising abstinence?

E-mail spammers are sometimes not too bright in matters related to spelling (often because English isn't their first language) and math (often because they're not the sharpest pencils in the box --- see the next entry below). But you'd think that a photo of a couple making out would be pretty much a no-brainer...

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the the p·e·n·i·s p·a·t·c·h photo (it's not vulgar or anything...), then try to figure out how these two people can be "doing it"...


SPAM - received February 8/03

Sheesh - when you're sending your junk mail to a gazillion people, the least you could do is impress them with your ability to write the same amount in letters and numbers...
Would you want to take out a loan with these folks?
Me, I wouldn't want to borrow even fifty dollars ($55) from them...


!Fake Endorsements!!Fake Endorsements!!Fake Endorsements!!Fake Endorsements!!Fake Endorsements!
"Best social research site on the net!"

Ethel Blondin-Andrews
"For me, dis is a very good ting!"

Jean Chrétien
"I loved it more than Les Mis"

Jane Stewart
!Fake Endorsements!!Fake Endorsements! !Fake Endorsements! !Fake Endorsements! !Fake Endorsements!
(On a serious note, though, this is a good reason to resist the temptation to scan someone's signature and to upload it to a website. Nuff said...)

Human Reources logoNunavut Government
April 22, 2001
(Checked May 11 - fixed. Good!)

February 25, 2001

Resumé of the Year - I scanned this resumé from the Want Ads section in the February 21, 2001 edition of the National Post. It's not a "gotcha" because there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. But I just had to post it. You'll see what I mean.
Lotsa balls.
Update : the guy apparently was swamped with job offers, as reported in the National post the next day... 

Mother and daughter banner paintingA touching photo of mother and daughter from a social group's website [no, I won't give the URL].
The mother is teaching the daughter how to create posters that will attract people's attention.
Works for me!
(click the photo - you'll be able to read the poster on the larger version)
NOTE: If you know this Mom, please don't tell her or anyone she knows about this.
She's trying her best, eh...


September 1, 2000
Just to prove that anglophones don't have a monopoly on typographical negligence...
francité graphic
Francité.com is an international site for francophones, like Yahoo.
I wonder how many people in the organization can spell "Spécialement"...
June 17/00
From the Nutech Digital Corporation...

Nutech Digital Corporation - Programing

Speaking of programing, how 'bout a spellcheck program?
Checked October 25 - fixed

June 12/00

From the Newfoundland and Labrador Human Resources and Employment website...

Not bad as a 10K graphic, but the actual size of this "Under Construction" graphic was 200K. Thank goodness the page is up now... (April 2001)

Under Construction banner
May 29/00
From the Nova Scotia Disability Assistance website (now defunct)...Tecnology Assessment Development Centre

May 28/00
Found at - 19 languages avalaible...Apparently English is not one of the 19 languages, though...
(Special hint to my buddy Peter: there's a spelling mistake in the word available.)


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