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Before adding a Bookmark or Favorite to any page on this website,
make sure that the URL (Internet address) that appears at the top of your browser is .../

If it isn't, click on

to open a new browser window with the main page and the correct URL at the top
Then you can add a bookmark or favorite to your list

The technical explanation:
(Why I hate frames...)

Some web authors use frames to organize the content of their site. Frames are like separate but connected windows that appear in a visitor's browser. A good rule of thumb is this : if only part of the page scrolls when you click the scroll button (or if there are two or more vertical scroll bars on the page), you can be pretty sure it's a frame site.

If you click on any link in a frames website, the URL that appears at the top of the page doesn't change. There's no point in adding a Bookmark or a Favorite because you'll only repeat the URL of the original site.

This rule applies to any site that runs frames (unless the web author has coded the site to open new pages whenever you click on a link, but that seldom happens...)

Note that you can right-click on a frame and select Open in New Window and THEN add a Bookmark or Favorite in a framed site if you really must, but many of those single pages don't have proper navigation aids and you may well experience problems when you revisit these sites later)

Some websites offer a hypertext link option for you to click to get out of frames. That link simply calls up the same page without the frame.
My advice?
choose the non-frames version - it allows you to bookmark and return to specific pages in a site rather than only the top (index) page URL.

Gilles Séguin

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