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May 5, 2018
Le 5 mai 2018

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Ontario Media & Policy News

Ontario Media & Policy News:

June 1, 2018
Week 4


May 25, 2018
Week 3


May 18, 2018
Week Two


Ten things to know about
the 2018 Saskatchewan budget
April 20, 2018
By Nick Falvo

On April 10, the Saskatchewan government tabled its 2018-19 budget.
Here are 10 things to know:

1. This year’s budget was quite status quo.
2. Saskatchewan still has one of the lowest total debt-to-GDP ratios in Canada.
3. Saskatchewan continues to struggle on the revenue side of the balance sheet.
4. Last year’s budget announced a cut to corporate income taxes, but this decision was later reversed.
5. Last year’s budget also announced a cut to the personal income tax rate, but then altered course here as well.
6. Social assistance benefit levels in Saskatchewan remain very low.
7. This budget announced the phasing out of a rental housing benefit for low-income households.
8. The budget’s decision to extend the PST to used car sales may disproportionately impact low-income households.
9. The budget fails to address on-reserve child poverty.
10. There’s some reason for cautious optimism about the future.

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Latest budget news (as at April 5, 2018)
Ernst & Young:
[ Executive summary highlights of 2018 government budgets that are relevant to private companies and their shareholders, in reverse chronological order, with the latest budget appearing first in the list below.]


Ontario budget 2018-19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No17.pdf
Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa tabled the province’s 2018-19 budget on 28 March 2018.
More Ontario budget info:
- PDF - 333 pages
Highlights from the 2018 Ontario budget | Toronto Star


Quebec budget 2018-19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No16.pdf
Quebec Finance Minister Carlos J. Leitão tabled the province’s fiscal 2018-19 budget on 27 March 2018.


Newfoundland and Labrador budget 2018-19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No15.pdf
Newfoundland and Labrador Finance Minister Tom Osborne tabled the province’s fiscal 2018-19 budget on 27 March 2018.


Alberta budget 2018-19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No13.pdf
Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci tabled the province’s fiscal 2018-19 budget on 22 March 2018.


Alberta: Ten things to know about the newly-signed federal-provincial-territorial housing framework agreement
April 12, 2018


The 2018 Alberta Alternative Budget (March 20, 2018) PDF - 66 pages


Ten proposals from the 2018 Alberta Alternative Budget (March 21, 2018)


Media release: Alberta needs a provincial sales tax (March 20, 2018)


Opinion: Alberta sales tax is politically risky but it's good public policy (March 20, 2018)


Five things to know about the 2018 Alberta budget (March 23, 2018)


Nova Scotia budget 2018-19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No12.pdf
Nova Scotia Finance and Treasury Board Minister Karen Casey introduced the province’s fiscal 2018-19 budget on 20 March 2018.


Manitoba budget 2018-19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No10.pdf
Manitoba Finance Minister Cameron Friesen tabled the province’s fiscal 2018-19 budget on 12 March 2018.


Yukon budget 2018–19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No09.pdf
Yukon Finance Minister Sandy Silver tabled the territory’s fiscal 2018–19 budget on 1 March 2018


British Columbia budget 2018-19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No06.pdf
BC Finance Minister Carole James tabled the province’s fiscal 2018-19 budget on 20 February 2018.


Northwest Territories budget 2018-19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No05.pdf
Northwest Territories Finance Minister Robert C. McLeod tabled the territory’s fiscal 2018-19 budget on 8 February 2018.


New Brunswick budget 2018-19$FILE/TaxAlert2018No04.pdf
New Brunswick Finance Minister Cathy Rogers introduced the province’s fiscal 2018-19 budget on 30 January 2018.


Ontario Budget 2018: ISAC Analysis and Budget Details:
Important First Steps to Transformation but No Meaningful Progress on Rates
March 28, 2018
The 2018 Ontario Budget introduced today proposes to make a number of critically important changes to social assistance and other benefit systems, which would start to move the system away from the punitive, intrusive system that currently exists and toward the supportive approach that …

Income Security Advocacy Centre


March 8, 2018
KUDOS to Jennefer Laidley of the Income Security Advocacy Centre for the following thorough collection of budget reviews and analyses of the 2018 Canada Budget from various sources.

Media & Policy News
By Jennefer Laidley
Income Security Advocacy Centre

Federal Budget 2018: Income Security Highlights
March 6, 2018

The federal Liberal government introduced its third budget on Tuesday, February 27.

The Budget and all associated documents are available at this link:

(This resource is from the website.)

Below, you'll find a list of the topics covered in the budget, most dealing with income security and related issues. Click the Income Security Highlights link above to access the more detailed content organized by topic. Links to other helpful resources are included at the end of this highlights section to provide more information and analysis.

Budget Highlights by topic:
- Anti-Racism - Canada Child Benefit - Canada Workers Benefit - Child Care - Response to the Budget from Child Care Now - Housing - Indigenous Issues - Employment Insurance - Legal Aid - Pay Equity - Pharmacare - Poverty Reduction - Statistics Canada - Tax Fairness - Temporary Foreign Workers

Resources (analyses and articles in the media):
Click the Income Security Highlights link above to access analysis of the federal Budget from almost a dozen non-governmental organizations and articles in seven mainstream media, from Campaign 2000 and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives to Citizens for Public Justice and the Canadian Union of Public Employees --- also includes links to seven articles in Canada's largest media outlets from the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail to Huffinton Post Canada and the CBC.

Media & Policy News
By Jennefer Laidley
Income Security Advocacy Centre



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